Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow-torious 2010

Snow + Notorious = Snowtorious!
Well its been called a lot of things but the snow storm to end all snow storms has hit the DMV (DC/Maryland/Va area) WHAT A DAMN MESS!!! I have been in the house since Thursday evening! I finally made it out this morning after shoveling yesterday for like 1.5 hours and the darn car would not budge! I went out again this morning around 8am did a little more digging and finally Justice (my car) was free! I was free! I went to the store and got some crap...yeah crap... cookies, ice cream, chips, and even soda! I don't even drink soda anymore lol I did get some soup, fish, and juice.

I actually lost like 3 pounds putting me at an all time low so yes I buy junk to celebrate no logic to it but on the up side I am not feigning for any of it like that anyway lol but I will be logging in on Weight Watchers to stay on point!

I did get some nice text messages from my Personal Trainer Charles telling me to "Do 5 miles" on Saturday, "Watch the snacking," & "Remember the weigh in comes after the storm" (lol) my all time favorite.
I did do 1 hour on the treadmill Saturday, 1.5 hours of shoveling on Monday, 1 hour shoveling today! Good news I am not sore! I should be using the treadmill tomorrow! Will be!
I will be home tomorrow I am sure. But I am praying to go to work on Thursday to wrap up somethings before my trip to Panama and Trinidad & Tobago! I am sooo excited to get outta here and sit in the sun!
Tomorrow is another day! Hope you are all well & not snacking too much! Try and get some form of exercise in!
Did you do some shoveling? How many calories did you burn? Click here & See!

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