Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ode to the 5am Running Crew

Well I been MIA..clearly... *insert downward casted eyes here* And I most certainly have been off my game for the past few weeks. I really cannot point a finger to exactly what has been causing backsliding (which by the way was the original name of this post) until I saw the Three Amigos as I call them. See there are these three middle aged men in my neighborhood that run every single solitary morning. I mean they are better than the post office because they deliver even on holidays! This morning they stood out to me more so than usual because I know I am backsliding! I am sure for those of you that are church goers, that term instantly rang a bell, and for those that don't well I googled a definition for ya! Backsliding is defined as a problem Christians experience in our path towards perfection. We sometimes move backward down that path; its also defined as turning away from God after your conversion. So in terms of my quest for a consistent healthy lifestyle I most certainly fit the bill! If my health is my religion then certainly I have been acting like an un-sanctified fool. This article talks more about Backsliding and explains as we grow in the Lord, He expects more of us. That hits home with me in terms of being healthy because as I continue this journey I need to expect more of myself...bigger goals, more consistency, and greater appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.

What I did 20 years ago to lose weight will not work now. I need new tricks and I need to keep learning and growing in this journey to wellness. My journey didn't stop with doing a triathlon. Although I still brag about it :-) But I think this reminds me of my spiritual journey in that I have to stay on top of my thoughts, my urges, my desires and not be ruled by "the flesh." I need to dig deeper and make a firm commitment to my body and my health and my new lifestyle. In the same way on one's spiritual walk you need to stay connected to God in prayer, worship, and in your thoughts acts and deeds.

All of which brings me back to the 5am running crew. They have kept the "faith" or stayed the course of their commitment to fitness for over 5 years and I think that is amazing. I will skip the gym for Oprah (who by the way is getting big again..mama noooooooooooo :-( but her shoe game is still killing 'em

but back to the 3 Amigos I have seen sometimes when they run faster and then sometimes slower, sometimes with knee braces sometimes without, sometimes in the snow and like this morning in the pitch black darkness while it is raining with little flashlights on their head gear. But they are doing it. The article states that backsliding is a sin and is a result of not understanding the role God has in our lives. It also says its a matter of spiritual blindness. I liken that to eating right & exercising while I know the role being healthy plays, I act like I don't. I act like I don't know carrying around this extra weight is making me tired and sluggish. That's what we call in the law "willful blindness." I am taking the temporary good feeling I have from eating poorly and not exercising and making that take priority over the good food and exercise that makes me feel stronger and healthier and overall makes me feel better.

Well I am not going to end this with so I got to work and walked up 20 flights of stairs, plan to do Zumba at lunch, and eat a salad. I am too realistic for that. I am going to say I am going to make a plan of attack . Making a list/goals works for me. I know it does not for everyone, I have no clue how they get anything done, but I had an interesting debate with some friends about using lists to set goals and well some people hate doing it! I think we all agreed that one should use what works for them but the "advice" I was given was to be open to being flexible if things don't go just so on your timeline in life. I have never been a let me wing it type of girl and that has worked very very well for me in life but I think I have dealt well with the twist and turns and still made a great life for myself but I guess I don't give off that I go with the flow vibe. But anyhoo, so I am going to make a plan and set some goals. I found this great article 10 reasons Why We Love Making Lists ! Check it out!

I'll check back in with what my plan of attack is!

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