Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Getting Back On Track Looks Like... Part 3

Ok here was my shopping list for the week. I had two goals 1) stick to a $$$ budget 2) Stay on point

Got these from Weight Watchers they were like $4. They are a little salty but I like them its a good crunchy snack but better than getting chips at 7 points a bag (like Sun chips) these are only 2 points

I knew I'd want something sweet and some breakfast foods these were on sale at Safeway for about $2.00 the strawberry shortcake was very good! And the english muffin taste just like Mickey D's

More snacks because there is no need to deny what I will be feeling. I just need to arm myself. I got some chocolate pretzels from WW, Wheat thins, 100 calorie packs of ritz snacks and almonds (unsalted), the new WW magazine which I need to get a subscription b/c its cheaper! and Special K bars only 90 calories. Just had one for breakfast or my 1st meal. I'll have some yogurt and almonds too in a few.

Ok I promised the Mister dinner so I made a whole wheat lasagna. He loved it had seconds and took some home and came back the next day! Ha! I used 93% fat free ground turkey instead of beef, a 4 cheese blend that wasn't too high in fat or calories and Ragu and I used whole mozzarella but part skim ricotta. The mix of low fat and regular made for good flavor.
I also grabbed some albacore tuna in water, egg beaters, and other shredded cheese they were 4 for $5.00 the key is using your measuring cup to keep up with the calories/points!

Last buy my Mom swears by this stuff I got it because it was on sale. The taste is good and I add the almonds to beef it up.

As you can see not a fruit or veggie in the bunch! Sad! I do have some frozen and canned veggies already but I need some fresh fruit. I will see about that. Not perfect like I been saying all along I need to re work my points and keep this train moving!

ETA: I also bought some Lean Cuisines mostly Fish dishes forgot to take pictures :-)