Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love, Dreams, & The Wobble

Wellllllll what a weekend (+) I had!!!! I made it back late Sunday night from Atlanta and my heart is full of love and happiness! What a great trip! My Soror's wedding was full of sooo many great moments it would be hard to list them all but (1) The way she looked~simply gorgeous! (2) Her Dad then Step Dad dancing with her (3) Seeing two people in love becoming one! Would be my Top 3!!! Ohhhh (4) Singing our AKA Hymn at a wedding! Its the only time I got teary eyed! (5) The Reception was off the chain! By the end my dress was falling down lol I just knew I lost weight from all the sweating! In fact I was down (after being up 3 pounds while I was away!!!)

Anywayyyy I loveeee love! And there was a lot of love in that room it was a great wedding I had so much fun! I DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY! My hair was DONE! But it was all good! The Bestman texted me the next day to say I looked beautiful and looked full of life :-) That was sweet! I guess by full of life he meant dancing like a mad woman lol but I am really happy for them. Got to love, love!

Ok so for my own highlight!!!! I got to walk down the asile with Ronnie DeVoe (Whooo hooooo!) from New Edition! Now I don't have many celebrity crushes but Janet Jackson is #1 (always) and Ronnie was always a fave of mine! I had his picture on my bedroom wall and even had a lil cut out from Tiger Beat magazine (what chu' know about that?! lol) of him in a wallet I carried well into high school! lol

I lovedddd me some Ronnie, Corey Haim, Heavy D, & Rob Lowe! A strange crew but that's how my mind worked at the time! Although I can be honest and say Rob, Chad anyone who would allow me to keep my last name and not be a blood relative had and still has a lot of potential in my mind! I really love my last name :-(  

Anyway....focus... So I knew my Soror was marrying his brother and as the months passed she told me looks like you'll be paired up with Ronnie! #Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept quiet not to jinx it and on Friday I met him and he still looookkkkksss gooooddd and he was funny and kind and really down to Earth and in fact a lil silly and an all around great guy! At the reception he was dancing with people and video tapping everything! Lord only knows where the video will end up! Anyway good times talk about a dream coming true lol from my bedroom wall to walking me down the aisle!

Ronnie DeVoe & I pre-wedding :-)

I had a great time! I even caught the bouquet and the bestman caught the garter belt that made for smiling faces all night lol I think the funny thing was I went up there but I wasn't even paying attention when the bouquet was thrown I was actually drinking a glass of wine and it landed right in front of me and I caught it! Talk about kismet! LOL I know some folks are MAD! But I guess that's really the story of my life things just always seem to work out! Favor! :-)

Soror Maria & I - 10 years of friendship & 7 of sisterhood!
Wishing her all the love her heart & hands can hold!

Well I updated you guys on my workouts already I am really proud of myself and I owe a huge thank you to my new weight loss buddy! I joined forces with one of my "Sisters in Sweat" via facebook to do a weight loss buddy system so we checked in on each other by texting the scale's outcomes Mondays & Fridays! Its a great way to keep each other honest and on track! I have been up and down so I was not looking forward to my Monday weigh in when I got home BUT WHEN weighed in Monday morning and I was back down plus a pound! I actually went down 5.6 pounds lol but scales vary but I'll take it either way!! Worst case I am down 3 pounds from 5/16! As long as it keeps going down I am good!

I really worked hard to workout while I was away and be more mindful of what I was eating and how much. Yall know I swap food for drinks and that's why I'll never be a real health nut (said with all due respect and affection) even my Fitness Magazine article was an after picture with a drink in my hand (lol). But I have always worked out on trips. I try to maintain my weight by working out but anytime you go away it feels like a vacay and you (or at least I) want to let loose! I usually gain though because when you eat out the portions are so huge most restaurants give you 3 and 4 times the right amount and when you are there having fun and enjoying yourself it is hard for me to stop! When you are home you have so much more control and I really am not a salad person but I read about someone who has a few bites rule. Meaning she will order whatever she wants but predetermines how many bites she will have of a certain item, eats slowly, then boxes the rest up. I can't think that hard but it is a good idea and it works for her. So I incorporated part of that system when I went away I took my time to eat and actually savored the flavors and textures of the food. I took home more than half of it!

Well I am going on mostly liquids for at least a week again to refocus! I did eat some good food and like I said I was up 3 pounds on Friday but that was an old school scale and like I said in the last post I had a huge meal that easily weighed 3 pounds to justify the gain lol but looking back there was really only one big meal and some likka ok a lot of likka! It was such a festive occasion I am really just feeling happy and blessed and loving life! The onlyyyyyyy downside from the trip is I am in pain lol my feet were killing me from all the dancing! I literally danced the night away! Between our AKA stroll, good music by  DJ Spontaneous, and this new line dance called The Wobble I am in recovery with a heating pad lol! Well worth it though! I made it to my personal trainer and had a great workout on Monday! *Thumbs up*

 I promised so here's the food from Pasta Bella!
Crazy good fresh baked garlic bread/rolls with olive oil I only had one! Could have had 10 though! 
Lobster Bisque- I only had half so rich & good!
White Sangria- Again I only had half lol

Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana, Baked Manicotti & Fettuccini Alfredo
TOUR OF ITALY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12.95
Ok so just so yall know I walked the entire Hartsfield-Jackson Airport instead of taking the train!
I went down at least 6 long hallways like this!
Ok so I earned at least half of what I ate!!! lol

The Wobble! The new hotness! A fun and a good workout!

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