Monday, May 30, 2011


What a great weekend! I went to the gym yesterday for 3 hours!Nothing new for me but its been a minute! We had a 9am Brickhouse workout with Dwayne 10 am Zumba class and 11am Boxing class! I went out on a limb and did a facebook invitation to some friends to come since guest could come for the 3 classes for $15.00 and 3 people showed up!! I was glad I went and glad they came.

I got there about 5 minutes late for Dwayne's class and my "normal" spot was taken! I always workout directly in front of the mirror on the right hand side. And EVERYONE knows that! The lady standing there is usually in the back! I actually was upset but said to myself its my fault for being late!  I usually watch my form in the mirror and it is an opportunity for me to look myself in the eye. Exercising in front of the mirror keeps me honest. But today I realized...

I like looking at myself in the mirror!

Is that bad to say? LOL I am watching a new Showtime series The Borgias and the daughter called her young lover Narcissus and the story came to mind! Narcissus was a young boy in Greek mythology who looked at his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with his own self. This is where we get the terms narcissistic and narcissism or somebody who loves only himself.


I do catch myself, checking myself out... often and everyone knows my love of pictures so maybe that's a by-product of this whole mirror obsession lol I guess I spent a lot of time not really looking in the mirror maybe just looking at my face and now I take time to take it all in and although I am still a work in progress I am pretty happy about where I am!  

Anyhoo this was a great weekend! My scale finally stabilized and it was actually .9 less than my lowest so that puts me closer to my goal! My size 16 jeans have some room and I am digging out my 14s! Certainly by my birthday they'll be back in full effect! 

I made it back to Krav Maga this week and it was a good class! 

Saturday the Alpha's had a party and I had a good time! It was like a wedding flashback from last week ie., The Wobble returned & call me dancing machine! One guy I know told me he could see the difference and I was looking good! I took a minute to toot my own horn lol I also got to talk to and dance with this other guy... Longgg story but he's cool. When he called me over I thought he was going to ask me something and I leaned in to hear and he took my hand to dance lol I asked him what if I couldn't dance his smart azz remark was "Well I guess you are about to be embarrassed !"lol We met at the same event as when I met Superman back in January. A/w we planned to meet up at a friend's event a few weeks ago but I was late and he left so I called and fussed him out so he said he would make it up to me so since he owed me an outting (not a date lol) I opted to have him take me out the day before my birthday to see Meshell NdegeocelloThe funny thing is her music just popped in my head last week ! I loveeeed her music in the 1990s and I was wondering where she was and if anything new was going on with her! Well lo and behold I go to google and she is touring and doing a review of Prince! Now I will miss hearing "Let Me Run My Fingers Through Your Dreadlocks" "At Your Door" and a few others but I am sure it will be an off the hook performance! I am looking forward to it. :-) He said he is too! Cool :-)

In other men news went on a date last week. He's a nice guy not sure if its a love connection but he seems really cool. Never married, no kids, has a degree and other good things on the list. I told him I am just dating for now and want to take time to get to know people because I feel like I rushed into my last relationship and he understood. I have been speaking to another guy we have not gone out yet but maybe next week. He's working on a PhD and is from down south so we'll see. Superman did text out the blue while I was in Atlanta but no movement there so what's a girl to do...keep her options open I guess! :-) So I'll keep ya posted!

June is almost upon us and I am going to do a Jumping June Health & Fitness Challenge! Please check it out on My Fitness Pal my name is LawyerGal1908
My 4 Goals:

1. Lose 10 pounds
2. Drink at least 60 oz of water
3. Do Bikram Yoga at least once per week
4. Weigh in daily

My anchor: Fitness - If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. ~Cher 

So its on! Join me!!!

Ohhhh I went to the Linganore Caribbean Wine Festival! In fact new guy #1 initially invited me to that event since he was going with a few friends but my Saturday was a lil booked plus I don't like the idea of a group first date. It became a non issue because he ended up asking me out in the week for an impromptu date and so I went with my sister and a male friend on Sunday and had a blast!

Gift glass

Curry chicken with veggies and plantians
The party goers


The year is flying by but I am looking forward to it and looking forward to what I'll look like by the end of June and beyond! Just call me Narcissus I'll just be careful to share my wonderfulness with others



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