Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seven days

I remember this saying "Seven days without prayer makes one weak." Get it week...7 days..weak... It came to mind as I let 7 days pass without working out. I was feeling pretty stressed and blah this week and not working out did not help! I did walk to lunch unexpectedly (I just couldn't get a cab lol) with my friend from high school Charmine *waving high Char Char!* We met for lunch at a restaurant called Rasoi Indian Kitchen. We are both working on our health so we went for Indian although it can be kinda tricky with all the coconut with and other yummy things. Well it was goooodddd. In fact I took my coworker back the next day lol

But no real exercise! I feel the difference too! I am teaching three classes and two ended this week and so that frees up a good bit of time and the third class starts a bit later so there is time to workout then go and before I know it it will be over! On the positive side I have been doing a lot of praying and reading this week. The two books I am working on are The Power of Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction. I need to update my vision board and I feel like I need more clarity of my new goals!

Speaking of goals...I skipped WW today still feeling tired so I slept in and I weighed in at home and I was down 1.8 pounds! I have no idea how! I was wayyyy off program this week! Wayyy off! I have still kept up on My Fitness Pal and I think that has helped some. So that 6.8 pounds out of my 30 pounds by June 30th goal. Good stuff!

Well I am headed to the gym for a 3 hour workout and tonight it's on! The Second Annual Brothers Who Can Cook event is tonight and it should be fun! 100 men who are gonna throw down in the kitchen, live music, and did I mention men? Ha! Good times await!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Ok for the foodies! :-)

We had PALAK CHAAT ~Crispy Fresh Spinach laid on a bed of sweet Yogurt, Topped with Tamarind Chutney! De-lish!

Tandorri Chicken wings ~ Yummy

Then Chicken Tikki with sauce on the side

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