Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Set Some Goals. Then Demolish Them!

Its about to be February my good people! Where oh where did the time go!?! In January I set a few goals and I saw this sign and it spoke to me! My goal was to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days! Granted going in I knew there may be some tricky days like Tuesdays when I work job #1, 2, & 3 but I said stick with it! In the end I missed 5 days!

JUST 5 FREAKING DAYS! Incredible! I mean even I am impressed! January was a hectic month plenty of time to make excuses and not get it done but I DID IT! On average I did 41.5 minutes per day for a total of 1,245 minutes of exercise for the month! What a way to kick in the door in the new year!!!! *Happy Dance*

So I am setting a new goal! And it is overly ambitious BUT why not? My goal is to burn 1,000 calories on average per day! That's right you heard me! Burn 1,000 calories! I got my new HRM! I love it! Granted during spinning it lost contact with my chest a few time so I think it low balled me on my calories burned but its giving me a better picture of what I am burning which can only help with the 37 pounds lost by my 37th Birthday Goal!

With all that being said please.... JOIN ME! Now if you seriously do not want to invest in a Heart Rate Monitor then check out this site Calories Burned Calculator they tend to be close to my HRM reading. You can also join me on My Fitness Pal I am LawyerGal1908 friend me! Its like Facebook for diet & exercise! It will calculate calories burned from exercise as well. Of course feel free to set your own goal. 1000 may not be realistic for you maybe aim for 300 or 500 and go from there! Either way


In other goal setting and achieving news ... My personal trainer Charles "Chizel It" Harris's book is flying off the shelves like hot cakes and the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc hosted a "I'm Too Cute To Sweat" event and I was (as my trainer said) as bold as a Patriots fan walking up into a Raven's camp with my AKA tshirt lol Hey we all sisters!! And some of my best friends are Deltas! It was great! Afterwards we went back to his gym and did a quick workout with his PR person/my Soror and it was excellent! Pics below! Ignore the fact that my Soror looks like a diva and I am sweating like a runaway slave lol she has lost 12 pounds 9 from doing a cleanse Charles has in his book and *gulp* I am going to do it! Pray for me yall! I bought a juicer! Only $29.99 at Walmart by the way and its a Black & Decker!  I will be blogging about that! Yall know I love food!  In fact I promised yall some pics from Baltimore Restaurant Week see below, below I stuck to my salmon plan but if you want to ignore the food p*rn then keep scrolling to the end :-)

I'm Too Cute To Sweat Event! Charles's AKA & Delta crew from Chizel It!

AKAs Do Workout!

Me getting my iron on!

Mo's Salmon stuffed with crab, shrimp, and scallops with rosemary roasted red potatoes! Delish!
The Oceanaire Salmon with spinach and bacon goodness!

Well it was a good month and February here I come  with bigger and better goals! In fact I doing my very first Vision Board Party!
People kept asking me to do one so I finally said you know what its 2012 and I am gonna do it! I have sent out a few emails and the response has been great! It will be in Baltimore and local people and even folks from NY and Virgina are planning to attend! Its gonna be awesome! If you want to come here's the link to all the info! http://fromtheorytopracticevisionboardartyfeb2012.eventbrite.com/

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know I love doing vision board but it isn't as easy as throwing some pictures on a poster board. People seem to either forget, miss, or just don't understand that! There is work involved but having a vision in place is a key to reaching any goal! I can still see the vision board I made before my triathlon and I found a picture of a Black woman with her hands raised after crossing the finish line and sure nuff when my time came to be an Iron Girl that is the last image that was taken of me! All I can say is IT WORKS and if I have tapped into some information that can help someone else I feel obligated to share it! So we will see how it goes BUT...I already know its gonna be awesome!

Speaking of seeing how things go....things with Beres Fan are going well and I am happy. :-) I finally got my Christmas gift lol it was a nice sweater and scarf can't stay mad at a man who will buy you clothing lol We seem to be in a good place right now so we'll keep moving right along! :-) he says odd but nice things like I am so happy I met you. Ok so maybe odd is not the right word but he says things like that, that you may be thinking but don't ever say them. I am happy we met too and yesss I told him that LOL *end warm & fuzzy scene here* LOL

That's all (like yall need any more) for now! I am back to my 4 class teaching schedule but tonight I have a guest speaker so I will go to class #1 then head to the gym to catch Charles's class to get a jump start on my 1000 per day goal for February! Yesterday I did this new Dance cardio class. The teacher was cute but that is not a workout for me! I had to jump on the elliptical to burn 200 more calories :-/ did that in 10 minutes while her 60 minute class burned like 380. I stayed  for Tyrone's boxing class and it was good. I am not sore like I expected considering I did 3 hours at the gym on Sunday and then 2 hours yesterday! But that's a good thing! So anyhoo I'll check in soon!! Thanks gang!!!! :-)

P.S.Share your February goals with me!!!

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