Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I survived!

Well I survived this week long of craziness and lived to tell the tale of dropping almost 3 pounds!!! *praise dance* I weigh in almost daily but I've been so on the go lately I really have not taken the time to. I even missed my Weight Watchers meeting! I did workout on Sunday for two hours! I did Body Pump which I have not done in forever and then I started doing spinning but got PUT OUT! YES CHILE! PUT OUT THE CLASS!!! LOL It wasn’t funny at the time but I can kinda laugh now. Well it was a new teacher and her music sucked I had my blackberry and kindly put on pandora to rock out with some Jay Z well didnt she get off her bike and come tell me to take my earphones off. I kindly told her I do this anytime I dont care of the music and I have been a member for over six years and I've never been told to take them off. Well she told me if I want to listen to my music I can do it outside on those bikes and turned her back on me! :-O Say what now? So needless to say I took off my earphones and walked right out and saw Body Combat going on and jumped in. I mean seriously! Now I am a letter writer for good and bad issues so I wrote a longgggg letter before I left the gym and sent another longgg email to the manager. I mean I can see a teacher not liking that BUT at the end of the day the goal is to support the members’ health and fitness goals. Period. Put your ego aside and get some better music is what I would say to myself.

Anyhoo the manger called and emailed me to apologize and said she spoke with her and she was new and please don’t leave over one incident. I’ll see about that. I do like that gym and I found out my personal trainer is closing his gym! I am sooo upset! I need a gym and there are options in the area that’s for sure so we will see.

The weekend! What a weekend it was! Saturday I bought a new car! Yeahhhhh! Well I am really not at the yeahhhhh stage! LOL All I keep thinking is now I have a car note! But its nice I like it. I named her Tami yes after Tami from Basketball Wives b/c of all the internal drama I went through to make up my mind to finally take the plunge and get a new car! LOL

She is nice though leather interior, sun roof, GPS, and all the bells and whistles. She’s pretty and she’ll grow on me. Justice is still hanging around but she’ll go to the dealer sooner or later I have to clean her out and say my goodbyes! She was a faithful car for 10 years! So much change going on its crazy.

Tami :-)

Well after getting the car I headed to the Linganore Caribbean Wine Festival! Whew! What an afternoon! Had great fun even though we got there late! The wine, music, and company was great! I had a crabcake that was delish and shrimp and no fries oh and copious amounts of wine. The one thing about weight loss is it doesn’t have to mean you put your life on hold. I really worked hard this weekend to be active on purpose. For example by the time we got there parking was still packed I parked wayyyy down a long hill rather than scooping out a closer spot! It wasnt much but it was work getting up that hill lol 
Because I had some many activities I made sure I didn’t go anywhere hungry! I had a dance that night and had a wing (yup just one) and a glass of wine and just people watched!
On Sunday my friend Dawn and I went to the Farmer’s Market! I had a ball! I will do a post just about that because they have really done some great things there and gotten some cool new vendors! I did indulge in some mini donuts, fried fish, and a cupcake lol

Afterward was Rashid’s Relaunch it was agreat opportunity to see him in his element as a writer! The books are good!  The setting was perfect and the crowd was good. All good energy. There was a lot of food! I had half a sandwich and chips and I brought grapes, blueberries and strawberries! I also picked up some cupcakes and another treat from the Farmer's market both went rather quickly lol I was happy to share the calories! I did have some mystery punch ok like 3 cups and I had a great time!

Monday I met up with the photographer from the day at the races event for my CD cant wait to see the pics! We had a good covo for about 2 hours then I went home and rested! Tuesday was work from home then I had to teach that night. TOM is in full full effect and it wasn’t a pleasant day but made it to class and then home to bed!

Its Wednesday and the first time in 8 days I don’t have something to do after work so I plan to go home and go right to bed!

Whew ~ Of course I have plenty pics to share below! This week’s workout plan is well to be honest I am not sure! LOL Saturday a workout with Charles for sure and Sunday spinning and I am going to the Great Grape Wine & Food Festival! Can you tell I am sooo ready for summer fun!!!

I am also putting the finishing touches on my 37th Birthday Whitewater rafting getaway! How exciting!

Well here’s my review!

Clearly a few bottles later
With Soror Sheila!

Getting my books!
We cut up!

Rho Tau Lambda's Barnyard dance with my friend Ariel

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  1. Haaaaa! I made the blog! Woo hoo!

    I really appreciate the fresh fruit that you brought! It was a nice addition!

    And just so you know, while the punch did have alcohol and juice, I am always careful to use diet soda for the bubbly parts :-) It makes so much more sense to balance the sweetness of the juice with the dryness of the soda, rather than double up on the sweetness.

    It was great to see you and of course thank you for your support!