Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Lord!

Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel... then why not every man!

This has been a super busy crazy week and there’s more to come if I didn’t live this life I wouldn’t believe it lol One of my sorors calls me the soror socialite lol as a recap! I lost .2 pounds at Weight Watchers last Saturday. At first I was a lil disappointed but then I recalled eating McDonald’s ice cream almost every damn day. I mean seriously who does that?! I do! Its hot! LOL I know so I’ll take my .2 and go ‘head. Well my week in review:

Saturday I went to visit some of my former chapter sorors then hit a “Spinning Party” hosted by another soror at the Baltimore Fitness & Tennis Club. It was a typical spinning class and it looks like the idea was to introduce people to spinning. There were mostly oldies but goodies playing and it was fun. Afterwards she served a healthy lunch fruit, meatballs, salad, etc. I however…ahem… unfortunately gobbled down 2 1/2 slices of pepperoni pizza when I met up with my former chapter Sorors! I was hungry! Well after spinning I just had 2 cups of fruit and to be honest I don’t think I journaled so no telling what went down later.

Sunday was the official launch of my business From Theory to Practice Consulting, LLC. (Like my page please!!) Ahh what a great day! What a great event! I had about 10 women and one even blogged about it! Check out Kim from Chic Mommy, Cool Kid! What a blast the vision board party was! I will post pics promise!

Monday was my work from home day and I was super busy but I made it to the gym and worked out for a little over an hour! Score! Then I had a committee meeting and a board meeting. I didn’t see my house again until almost 10 pm! For the love of AKA!

Tuesday I am supposed to teach but I had my usual sub who is an alum from that college and students always love her. I had the Junior League of Baltimore Annual Dinner. It’s a cool tradition at the end of the League year we have a dinner and the outgoing President gets serenaded by The Larks with an original song giving the highlights of her life and her League year. I got a cute little plant from the outgoing President for coming in mid-year to revive the Wise Penny committee and the members seemed pleased with that! It was a nice event but there was a little tension in the room. It’s a long story but the take away lesson is I am a rules person. I have talked about my personality either I am on or off, hot or cold…that relates to everything even my diet and exercise. So when rules are not followed I am not pleased and there was an issue that arose regarding my committee and I was not consulted or even an afterthought really lol That is very odd to me. I would never not (shameful double negative) address concerns or suggestions I have about someone else’s committee to everyone BUT the Chairman of that committee. I mean that’s the RIGHT thing to do. Right? And I would hope if I had a good idea and I felt the need to speak with others at the point that it trickled down the line to the appropriate person and they seek me out I would hope the response I would give would be better than the one I got is all I will say. The whole situation was just odd but whatever the true motivation the person is now a sustainer and moving away so I can’t and won’t dwell on it. I have long learned the way I treat people doesn’t always come back to me so its just a helpful reminder that I need to treat people with common courtesy and respect because it isn’t a good feeling to feel…dismissed and disregarded. I tedn to be pretty type A and my demeanor when there is work involved is very hard nosed so again maybe they didn’t mean it the way it came off but it was a not so gentle reminder to me and I had my say on the matter. I will chalk it up to two similar personalities that clashed... 

Onto more happier female inter-actions… lol
Wednesday was AKA night at Alvin Ailey in Baltimore! I am the Fundraising Chairman of my chapter’s Foundation and let me tell you its more than a notion! I am not a money person, don’t really liked dealing with it or tickets or every detail but this is expanding my knowledge in other aspects of the Sorority and I cant be mad at that. The first event I did was the Day at the Races, which was actually planned well after this night with Alvin Ailey but came first! Well last night was spectacular! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the reception part and I basically said I’ve done everything else from flyer to getting some of the dancers to come to the meet & greet and I can’t do not one more thing! Well they heard me loud and clear and she jumped into action! By the time I got there all that had to be done was to change my shoes and take pictures! Sweet! The performance was amazing as always and everyone had a great time! I love the song "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel" its so heartfelt! The new stuff was good but Revelations is forever a signature Alvin Ailey performance! If you've never been PLEASE don't delay!

Tonight I had a law event. Tomorrow I have a Cotillion to attend hosted by a local chapter. Saturday it’s the Linganore Wine Festival, a Soror’s cookout, and another cookout in memory of a soror and then the Rho Tau Lambda chapter of the Alphas have an event at 9pm that night.  Sunday my friend Rashid Darden who is an excellent writer is having an event for his 
three awesome novels, Lazarus, Covenant, & Epiphany! I am excited for him! Be sure to check out his books! great reads! Awesome story!!! There may be one other thing that day and I’ll discuss that at another time. ;-) 

Then before I know it its gonna be Monday again! When will I workout? I don’t know I know the scale was down less than half a pound and I will take it because well any loss is a loss! I planned to take off today but had some work to do and I figured I would save the leave. I am leaving a bit early gonna catch lunch with a high school buddy then get a mani pedi and go to my law thing and then home!

But my workout question. Saturday morning I will plan to catch an early spinning class or something after Weight Watchers! Sunday’s event isn’t until 3 so the trick will be not to overdo it at the Wine festival on Saturday J Monday its work from home and Charles and I need to reconnect so not too shabby now that I think about it! Anyway so pics from the world wind that is my life J Enjoy you know I did!

With my former co-worker Michelle who has become a skinny mini runner! Go Michelle!

With one of my Fave Sorors getting her Masters from GW!
Soror Delores's spin party I am repping the Ja bandana lol

Motherhood in Bloom Vision Baord workshop with teen Moms and mentors and Moms! Awesome

Ladies Only Vision Board Afternoon Tea Party

My Workout Superstar Soror! Soror Twyla's Vision! Beautiful!

Post Alvin Ailey :-) I shared one of the sinful Crème brûlées :-)


  1. Awesome round-up! Thank you so much for the shout out!

    Just wanted to add (since I am also on my weight loss journey) my event will have healthy sandwiches from Subway, regular AND diet soda options, and single serving sizes of chips. Although we'll also be having a sheet cake, I thought it was important to have a healthy meal, minimize the junk food (NO free-for-all tubs of nachos and dip), and over all just minimize over-consumption.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you!