Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Getting Back on Track Looks Like (Spr 2K12 edt.)

Well I am back! Did ya miss me?! :-) If I was a good blogger I would post all the prior entries on the series “What Getting Back on Track Looks Like” but yall know me so sorry!

For the newbies I have done several posts over the years that provide good tips, reviews, and feedback on different product to help you get back on track or stay on track.

Food reviews are my favorite because I like to eat lol and when you are watching your weight in general or trying to “release” weight you  don't want to  feel like you are on a diet so when I find good stuff I share!

So today is one of those days. I left home a little late and missed my bus. Talk about mad! That heffa was still there and just drove by me and acted like she didn’t see me. In an effort to take lemons and make lemonade since I had 30 minutes to kill I went to the grocery store. I cleaned out my fridge and was left with wine, mustard, and protein shakes lol seriously. I never made it to the grocery store on Monday because it was raining cats and dogs so this was perfect timing.

Giant had Chobani & Fage on sale 4 for $5.00 THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I will say I am not a good coupon shopper because I like only certain things and tend to be brand loyal so a few others were on sale but I know I only like Cho & some of the Fage flavors so it was like Christmas since both were on sale so I got both! I opted for the Cracker Barrel since the Laughing Cow was really high I’ll hit Trader Joe’s for that this weekend. I also got 2 bags of salad they were only 2 for $4.00! One was a Cesar salad kit and the other was a mixed green bag so gain good deal! I also stumbled upon a cute bag of Pink Lady apples! My fave! Only $2 and change!  I spent less than $20.00 in 15 minutes! I think the fact that I only had a short time frame forced me to be focused! I think that’s a steal!

I know people complain about eating healthy means spending more money and I will not be all elitist and say well being healthy costs. I will say eating healthier means being creative and using your resources to do it on a budget.

As a mentioned (in passing) I started my own business called From Theory to Practice Consulting, LLC. and on Saturday I served as a facilitator for a vision board workshop for Jewel House. The owner hosted a symposium for teen Moms. It was a great experience. I think every business owner has a few moments when they realize THIS is why they wanted to own their own business and Saturday was one of those moments for me. The local community center has a community garden! How cool is that and after the workshop they gave the moms and their family members some of the vegetables for free. One of the young ladies didn’t know how to cook one of the vegetables and almost turned it down! I told her to take it you cook it by boiling it lol  
So Jamaican I know!

I know everyone especially young people can’t afford to buy pink lady apples for $10 a bag (yes I have done this) or getting only certain vegetables even if it is out of season and costs an arm and a leg because you want to try a new point friendly meal! 

BUTTTTT there are options! Such as framer’s markets, community gardens and co-ops are excellent resources that are pocketbook friendly. So here are some resources so you can find some healthy but cheaper options!

On the exercise front today I am going to the Columbia Boxing and Fitness Center ! I bought a 30 class drop in pass from Groupon way back when and it expires in August so I figured I will shake things up and start going at least twice a week! I will check in to let you know how it goes! Accordingto the website

"Columbia Boxing and Fitness Club offers a traditional “Old School” boxing fitness program. The program incorporates functional, interval cardiovascular, and circuits built around a proprietary system of over 10 challenging workstations developed by former boxer Derwin Powers. These routines will get you in shape faster than P90 and all the other so called hard core workouts. Within 3 weeks you will see noticeable body change and boxing skill. Every workout is different and fun, and typically include: rope jumping, medicine ball drills, punching drills, weight training drills, striking mitt drills, natural calisthenics, and much more.."

 The owner looks like he's no joke! Yikes! Pray for me yall
Coach Derwin Powers

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  1. I would rather spend money on good food that builds up my (pretty broken) body than have to pay for medicine later :) Investing in good quality, organic produce (as much as is possible), that is an investment in your health! :)

    I live in a townhouse apartment and thought i could put in a garden here, but there's too much shade. Things in life have changed and i'll be (at 43!) moving back in with my parents. I've been looking for the positive in that, i've been scared and worried, so i am so glad to remember that i can grow a garden there! Yay I am so glad i found your blog tonight, i'm so encouraged! :)