Friday, August 2, 2013

2 Months, 1 Birthday, 7 Countries, and Dudes who only look good on paper...

Well where does the time go?! Ok that's not the best way to kick this off but my title gives the bullet points lol

Well its been 2 months! I know I've been MIA and I have gained and lost and lost and gained... What can I say! Aside from this extra weight my blood work and health are awesome 84 is my OVERALL cholesterol, Blood pressure is 117/86, Sugar, iron, etc. all great. I have a new primary care physician. She's cool I like her. Ok I like her b/c she gave me diet pills lol even though as soon as I stopped taking them I gained it all back :-/ I know no magic pills... Momma Oprah did say that!


Well I am 38 and feeling greeaaattttt!!!! The birthday was uneventful I actually didn't do ANYTHING this year but after 10 years of always planning something I think I earned it! The funny thing was other people were more upset, confused, let down than I was lol buttt they got over it! LOL People kept asking... you realllyy not doing anything? Really? Well you teach people how to treat you...good and bad! They are so used to  celebrating my birthday especially on my actually birthday no matter what day of the week it is they wanted to celebrate with me lol So that's sweet! The only thing I did do besides sleep was I posted 38 quotes with pictures on facebook.. kinda my gift to the world... quotes to live by I guess. People really seemed to like that! :-) You learn a lot in 38 years! Heck in 1 year!!


I've been to 7...YES! 7 countries in 2 months! A Soror had her 50th Birthday on the Jewel of the Seas and we left from Puerto Rico (1) and went to Barbados (2) St. Maarten (3) St Lucia (see pic above) (4) Antigua (5) St. Croix (6)! Awesome! Every island has its own personality and I was with a really fun group so that helped as well! A week and a half later I was back in the air and on the road to Montreal for my sorority's Leadership Conference. It was nice but it was busy, busy, busy! I did meet some awesome new sorors, got to connect with ones I know but live all over the world, I learned  a lot rand I even broke down and CRIED in one of my workshops lol Oh My God howww embarrassing! I don't know what the heck happened!

Well the workshop trains you to be a trainer or presenter and we gave off the cuff presentations. Well the second or third one we were asked to paint a picture of why Alpha Kappa Alpha is important to you. I wanted to be jazzy *insert jazz hands here* so I sat there and got all poetic.. The theme I was working with was AKA is important to me because of our motto "Service to All Mankind." So I went over all the meaningful projects I've been involved in since  I became a member...   So I was all... "Picture teaching a middle school student how to balance a checkbook. Imagine donating food and clothing to a needy family for the holidays, can you see yourself  helping Fathers who are in prison to keep a connection with their children by working with them to record bedtime stories for their children... I go on and on and on and on... a decade of service to all mankind and I end my poetic painting with... "Imagine winning an Regional award named after an International president for your service and leadership and not even being in the sorority 10 years.." AND HERE COME THE WATER WORKS! I am tearing up now lol I had my WHOLE table and the Facilitator crying!!! CLUTCHING MY PEARLS!!!! OMG!!!! I had a conversation with my "Becky Sue" about it and she said I tend to go from thing to thing...goal to goal.. and kinda float above the actual acts and the emotions... I can admit that, that is true... I can be detached and she said I've probably never thought about my service...I  just go from one project to the next..again true... but that exercise gave me an opportunity to tap into why my sorority is important, why helping other is important to me and the feelings that, that generates. She suggested that being more reflective in other areas could be helpful as well. Not that she wants me crying but tap into the emotions of why I may over eat, or make a bad choice...stress? What is stressing you? Why is it stressing you? What can I do about how I am feeling that doesn't contradict my health and fitness goals...etc...

*EXHALING* But back to Leadership... I don't be doing no crying yall lol one of my Sorors in my group said "Well we KNOW you can't cry in court so its ok you can cry with us!" I love my sorors! :*-) I did come back and get 2 new journals to work with so we will see.

All in all I had a great experience tears notwithstanding lol I attended an excellent 2 part panel with the current elected leaders of  my sorority. It was eye opening to say the least. You know they ARE busy but to hear HOW busy they are... 75 calls a day, 300 emails in a few weeks, MIP request, traveling sometimes every weekend for months, still being a chapter member, having a family, being in other organizations and God forbid you have a JOB! LOL It was a lot... but they all were passionate about it and about AKA and it was just an awesome opportunity to be up close (cause ya know ya girl was in the second row lol) and personal with so many of them!  Good stuff! So there's an AKA break until chapter meeting in September! I'mma enjoy that! But I am feeling energized and pumped up to get back to bizznezz!!!


Dudes who look good on paper....

I hate them... ok hate is a strong word but its always IMO more of let down when you respect/are impressed by a man (and vice versa) and then you find out they lack character and integrity. And maybe I am overly sensitive to this but I really don't care for men who are married or otherwise in a relationship pushing up on me... Like... do I have a tag on my back that says my goal is to "steal" someone's man?  I don't think I give off the appearance of a woman who strives to be the OTHER woman. Hell I've had boyfriends I know I can catch a man who will want me and not need to creep around to be with me! Now I aint saying back in the dizz-aaa I might have had issues with the need for outside validation andddddd well I can rap a mean "I'll take your man.." By Salt & but I'm good and grown now... lol GOOD & GROWN!

Like seriously... I really am all about the golden rule ESPLY when it comes to dating... I am not going to do something to someone that wouldn't want done to me. Maybe that damn Olivia Pope made men think professional, smart, attractive women are cool with being the sidepiece  (BTW that's the new term for mistress) evennnnnnn when THEY KNOW you know the wife or girlfriend personally... BUT MEN LET ME ASSURE YOU... IT AINT COOL! Don't test those waters.... Have some class and at the very least have some RESPECT for your wife or girlfriend to not walk that line...even a lil bit... I am sure you wouldn't like it if she did it to your frat brother... or friend...

But... glad he aint my problem.. *wiping my hands in sweet relief*

I've tapped out on the dating scene for the rest of  2013 I have some other more important goals... and its like I was sharing with Becky Sue and even on fb I feel like I spend soooo much time on "dieting" like I am always talking about it, hell got a blog about it, always thinking about everything I eat or don't eat, do or don't do! I am just exhausted of it and in the same way I am exhausted with dating... I am sooo over it... I know bad attitudes attract bad results but I been positive dang it lol and maybe its just a time of testing for me but it I have to concentrate my mental, emotional, and physical energy somewhere for the next 5 months I want it to benefit me! So I need to pick one... Love or Health.. In the words of  Mr. Joscelin Hernandez (from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) For the rest of 2013..."Forget Love... I don't need it!"

But what I do need is to share my awesome pictures!!! I had suchhhh a great summer I know August just got here but it will fly by! I am doing a Challenge with my AKA Workout Group it is day two! Eating Clean and working on planks and jumping rope in addition to the other exercise! We have 128 Sorors participating! Awesome right? I went back to my Perosnal Trainer Charles on Monday and mannn did it hurt! Anytime I take a break.. I regret it lol so we are going back to our 2 day a week routine. I am looking forward to Saturday! My goal is to lose (and not refind any of it along the way lol) 50 pounds by Dec 31st! Totally do'able.... Don't believe me then watch!!! ;-0 ...

I'll check back soon! Thanks for the emails and textes I will do better I promise! :-)


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