Friday, August 16, 2013

An echocardiogram at 38...

Well yall know I don't play hide the ball with my blog titles lol so I had to have an echocardiogram this week. An echo is basically a sonogram of the heart to make sure things are runing well. I had an abnormal EKG and so I went to a cardilogist for a stress test and an echo! Let me tell you I am so grateful to be healthy! Getting and Echo at 38 was eye opening. The pic above isn't from my actual test but looks close enough. Let me just say... I know how people up and die! Do you know how hard your heart works to pump blood around your ENTIRE body!? Its a wonder how people lived way into the triple digits in the Old Testament of the Bible! I kind freaked myself out when I heard the sounds it was making lol it  just really made me realize 1) I need to stress less 2) I need to find more constructive ways to deal with stress. Good news was my Stress Test was perfectly fine there is a extra blimp on my EKG, there was one there last year too. Better safe than sorry but freaky I tell ya to watch your heart pump it was like watch something off of True Blood! I haven't heard back fro the Doc yet and the secretary said no news is good news but I think I will call next Weds just to be safe. All my other indicators are perfect low cholestrol, normal/low blood pressure, etc. only thing.. is of course the weight... always the weight...

I skipped the gym this week until I heard from the Doc he said I should keep my Heart Rate Monitor reading between 140-155 160 max he said I can go as high as 180 but I shouldn't push it.

So alls well that ends well

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