Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Getting Back on Track Looks Like: New Finds!

Something new and colorful
Well this has been a good week and I need to keep pushing myself in the right direction! I went to see a Nutritionist last night and while this wasn't my first time I must say meeting with her was very informative. My insurance covers this so i figured why not utilize the service! I consider myself an old pro and this but its good for more feedback and additional accountability.

I went right to Trader Joe's after our meeting and sticked up big time. To be honest I haven;t done any real grocery shopping sine my cruise. Largely due to my refrigerator dying on me and honestly it seems like every today is having restaurant week lol and of course the portions are crazy so I always have left overs. But the only way to stop that is to get back on track.

I loveee lovee loveee Trader Joe's a lot of people mix them up with Whole Foods which is a bit pricey. TJ is very reasonable and the food is good and creative and cheap! I spent maybe $40 last night on all of this stuff!

I am loving my Nurtibullet I can't recall if I discussed it last time but let me tell you it's the best $100.00 I've ever spent! I juice just about every day and it always includes spinach! I'm mostly using fresh fruit but because I get them from the produce market I really can't use that quick enough! So I am inter grating some frozen fruits light as well since winter will be here before I know it anyhow! So I grabbed frozen blue berries, mangos, and pineapples. I must say was cheaper than in the regular supermarket!

I also bought some fresh Brussels sprouts, premade salads, chicken sausage, mini portabella mushrooms, colorful heirloom tomatoes and my fave pink lady apples! Two bags actually! Awesome! I will post some of my other fines but I will break them up into two or three posts as I eat them so I can give you my taste test results. I am back on my Paleo grind. I just feel better when I eat that way. Even when I tried to do Atkins/Southbeach add in the cheese and ow carb wraps or bread my body jut feels really sluggish and bloated! I hate it! So this was a good jump start. I had a great workout with my personal trainer on Saturday I am really feeling good and ending the summer strong. I am working on 100 oz of water daily. I am getting closer to 80 or so but that last 20 is hard to get in lol I literally have to drink alllll day! LOL

Aside from that I may be the last person on the planet who hasn't seen the tv show Lost. Its on On Demand so I said why not so far so good its a little sci fi and mystery which I didn't expect. I may have to tie workouts to watching episode since I watched three last night and didn't work out lol even if  I do crunches and squats to move on to the next episode.

I was having a really good reflective journal entry yesterday about my journey. I mentioned this last time I spend so much of my life dealing with food, exercise, weight gain/loss, and everything else surrounding those topics what more could I do if that wasn't the case. I also had to ask myself who would I be if "this" wasn't my issue. So people have family problems, money problem, men problem, career problems, kid problems they obsess with to the point that THAT issue is inextricably linked to who they are. Its a source of comfort and familiarity for the person nd the outside observer. I had to really think for a minute is this my issue b/c that's what people know and expect to be my issue? Who would Cylia be if she wasn't always talking about this stuff? Would it make others uncomfortable? Would it make me uncomfortable? Where would I fit in? What role would I then play? Is  fear holding me back? Causing self sabotage? I dunno... But its good to ask these things out loud. I can say I never felt my weight held me back. I'm very accomplished, well respected, loved, and appreciated by many but appearance is always a factor no matter what. For good or bad... so again more questions as we go towards the end of the year. Anyyyhoooo back to food (lol) and exercise (lol) and good thoughts...

A total of 6 WW points plus points for a serving which is considered 4 oz this has 3 servings. So flavorful 4-6 oz is plenty

This was a great find I think its the best chicken salad I have ever had

Great NEW finds! Ok I have seen the pink sea salt but got it...Ok its really just cute I really didn't taste anything different lol the fresh peeled garlic is great I get a pint from my produce market but they go bad quickly and freezing them seems to kill the real flavor. These come peeled in several small punches! Love it! And ohhh so fresh!


  1. Oh wow! I just discussed being comfortable in a situation or issue that I have been dealing with. Sometimes you deal with it for so long that it becomes so much apart of you it's all you know and to operate out side of it brings least for me it does. Not because I am operating outside of that situation or issue but because I don't know how to properly function in anything else outside of it. *ding* Good questions to ponder on.

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