Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First 13 days of 2016

The first 13 days of 2016 have been busssyyyyy! All good things though. I missed the Saturday Weight Watchers meeting because of a sorority leadership meeting. I weighed in at home and it was the exact same as last week. I was not as diligent about tracking last week and this week. No real reason just fell behind and next thing you know its been three days. I find I do better when I'm in a routine so going  back to the office helped me a lot. Food hasn't been perfect but that's the beauty and appeal of Weight Watchers... just use your points.

I'm really focused on doing things I enjoy in 2016 and Broadway is one thing high on my list! I took a trip to New York with my friend to see The Gin Game with Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones  they were great! Living Legends! We went to eat at the famous Junior's Cheesecake and I had their Thai ginger wings and got a slice strawberry cheesecake to go. I still have not eaten it lol

I forgot to wear my pedometer but I'm sure I got plenty of steps in on those New York city blocks! I am glad I was feeling a bit better I seem to have injured my left hip after doing Bikram yoga last week Sunday! I mean pain in my hip like I've never felt!! I said that's it no more yoga... my 40 year old hip can't take it lol So I have been sidelined because of that and I was on a roll with walking in my building too! Oh well! I will take it easy for the rest of this week and start up again.

In other news, I've been using my gratitude journal. Not daily but I try to write a few things in it every day I am at work. But I need to do a 2016 Health and Fitness vision board! I need to do my daily affirmations! I found this list online and they are good.

The trick to to say them, write them, and look at them to make them stick. I have been a bit busy between Junior League , AKA and work but I  went to see my doctor and told her I want to lose 50 pounds before getting pregnant so she said that's common to do a "baby diet" so I have a good motivating factor.   I know this is all apart of the puzzle so I am on it. I am also working on getting my water intake up to 64oz. Its been a struggle though but I am at least focused on it and posting in the AKA workout group to add to the accountability and that is better than nothing! Already had 16.9 oz and its on 7:15am! So 3.5 more bottles to go!

That's all the updates for now!!! Have a great week! Will check in after Saturday's weigh in!

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