Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Matrix, Blizzards, and Babies

Well we are in the midst of a historic blizzard apparently... I was joking on Facebook that I was just saying to myself I needed like five days off of work and from my extra curricula activities to do some de cluttering, organize my closets and do laundry so my bad about the blizzard because my Law of Attraction game is strong lol

All jokes aside thank The Lord. I have so much stuff between getting married, AKA, Links and Junior League I'm overwhelmed with stuff. I had several bins I already purchased to get my stuff together so I have been making my way through all of it and from the looks of things I won't be back to work until Wednesday earliest so there are my five straight days and no vacation days required!

Lo & behold my favorite movie The Matrix was on yesterday and it's in now. Mannnnnn that movie changed my whole life. It really was my first adult introduction to the Law of Attraction although it never used the term. I typically have a theme for every year and 1999's theme was "1999 is not a game" it was a hard, sad, tough lessons learned, really deep year. Between the Matrix and Lauryn Hill's MisEducation album my mindset started to shift. It was NOT quick or easy and there were lots of ups and downs but I understood changing my life... all aspects of it, began with how I think. The information I willing took in and most importantly learning how to ignore what was not helpful even when people thought their negativity was a form of support or assistance. Most people who know me know I don't like repeating things; I bore easily and so I don't re-read, re-watch, re-do anything often. The Matrix? I can watch everyday. I love it.

As God would have it as I was getting dressed for my wedding it came on and man the photographer had a field day taking pictures of me and my karate moves lol I took it as a good omen :-)

Anyhoo  all of  that was to say watching it yesterday made me realize I am so over the gym. Soooooo over it I  think I need to go do something active like boxing, maybe back to Krav Maga or even Karate... Treadmills aint getting it for me right now. I need to think about it and just do it. I really like Krav Maga and its close to my home. I'll update yall any suggestions are welcomed!

So went to my OB/Gyn recently and had the baby talk so I told her my goal is to lose 50 pounds this year to be ready for us to start next year. She agreed it was a good idea and a lot of women go on a baby diet as she called it.

 So Weight Watchers update this makes three weeks I have not been to the meetings! First week I had the Alpha Kappa Alpha Leadership conference, second week was the day after the Founders' Day celebration (lol) nuff said  see pics below and this week Blizzard 2016. I finally got on my own WW scale and I am now down almost 4 more pounds!!! According to Weight Watchers I am averaging .09 pounds loss a week which is right on track for my goal of 50 pounds in a year! And 2 more pounds and I get a month free. 

I am trying to log in on my phone and really working on my water. The exercise though I'm just not inspired, motivated or feeling it at all but ohhhhhh vanity I need to take my Presidential portrait for Junior League and I would at least like to lose another 10 pounds by then. My face looks so different with every 5 -10 pounds its crazy. So between the future baby and  my photo I'm highly motivate to stick with the Smart Points plan. LOL I aint shamed!

So weird to even think about family planning I have a lot of plans and goals and I had a great conversation with my good friend Danielle last week and she made me put my baby plan in the timeline LOL I just think there is never a perfect time to have a baby. I think there may be times that are better than others but a perfect time to have a whole human being to take care of, pay for, feed, talk to and keep breathing and hope they don't become a serial killer... no perfect time for that. I see some of my family members, Sorors and coworkers and friends do it to varying degrees of  success and I'm getting all kinds of stories some good but most bad lol maybe they don't mean for them to sound bad but I swear I don't know how the planet is over populated lol I'm taking it all in keeping in mind just like my love life... I get to write my own story so their lives are just FYI. Law of Attraction game is strong on my end so I am appreciative of people sharing their stories. I surely don't take parenthood lightly and I think that's a good thing. I think a lot of people go in with rose colored glasses and I don't know why but I  love the conversation and found a new idol Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo! She had her first baby at 40 or almost 40 and took of 2 weeks!!! DUDE TWO WEEKS LOL She's a rock star in my book! Talk about writing your OWN STORY! There are levels to this....

Anyhoo I have the perfect husband for me to make me willing to take the journey. Thank God for that! 

Well that's all for now!! Stay safe and warm good people! 

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