Friday, September 11, 2009

Friends & Fitness

Well one sure fire way to keep your fitness routine going is to enlist the help & support of your friends! I did just that with my friends Danielle & Nicole! I invited them to attend the Socarobics class last weekend. Danielle came and enjoyed it she only said I should have warned her she'd need a shot of patron before class lol Mid week workouts are tough for me because of my commute but I figured if I invited them again on Thursday I would be more likely than not to go...and I was! Both came to the class (Nicole of course was late!) but we had a good time! I somehow convinced them to stay for the Chizel It class with my personal trainer Charles and that's when the dirty looks started. Charles is intense and he is non stop in the Chizel It class. I will be honest; I really didn't warn them sufficiently or at all about that darn Chizel It class. Its hard as hell. It is a combination of Step, weights, & kickboxing. Very intense! Its an excellent workout! So this is our new Thursday evening Happy Hour routine! So instead of mijotos & crab dip @ Little Havana's we'll meet up to work-it-out! The take away message: Collaborate with friends for fitness!

Here are nice articles on How to Find A Workout Partner & one on How to Be A Good Workout Buddy Give these suggestions a try! I have always been most successful when I had a workout partner; you just have to find the right one for you! Its a great way to reconnect or create new bonds of friendship all in the name of living a healthier life!

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