Friday, September 18, 2009

My Commute

I live in the Baltimore area and work in Washington, DC and yes that is as bad as it sounds. I love my job and I love my home so working out has suffered in the last year or so because of this commute. I made up my mind a few months ago that I have to push myself to workout in spite of the long commute. So far I have been doing well and there are days when all I really want to do is go home and go to bed but there are days like yesterday when I had a longer than usual drive (I ride a bus for part and drive another part of this commute) but I planned to meet my friends for Socarobics & the Chizel It class so I kept my focus and went right to the gym. As I was pulling up my friend Dawn arrived and we walked in together! So I was right on time. Socarobics is a GREAT class I know I have said that before but seriously its a great class and it lifts your spirits as well as your heart rate!
So lesson of the day: Good/Bad commutes come and go but sticking to you workout goals should always remain the same!
As an aside, I am all about positive reinforcement and accolades (getting and giving). I must say when Charles sees me in the gym when I am not training with him, he looks so proud of me! I eat that up! That is until he starts yelling at to get on the step and pick my legs up higher! He always gets on my good side then messes up (lol) But that goes back to the reason I hired him as a Personal trainer; he is very encouraging and I need that to keep going! Here's an article on How To Pick A Good Personal Trainer If you are debating making the investment (and it is an investment) read this over and do your research. I liked Charles because I saw him on TV & he had a great personality and was a innovative fitness expert! I also saw him working with clients in person and I thought he'd be a good fit.
T0 be honest that was over a year ago, I didn't research going to him again until I saw him do the warm up for President Obama's whistle stop tour in Baltimore. I said if he can keep a Baltimore city crowd warmed up for the President then that's my man! True story.
I am definitely going without some of the other things I like, like shopping, getting my nails done more often, eating out, & other things I love to do BUT since I have a goal in mind I told myself I need to arm myself with the best team possible and of course do my part. I would recommend a good personal trainer to anyone considering it. Now twice a week may not be for you but maybe once a week, once every 2 weeks, and most personal trainers offer small group personal training options as well so look into it! You won't regret it! My only regret is that I did not start working with him sooner. If you are in the Baltimore area visit Chizel It! Owings Mills Mall (park near Macy's) 10300 Mill Run Cir, Owings Mills, MD‎ - (410) 356-9099‎
PS I don't get any perks to say this stuff just trying to share the fitness loveeeee :-)

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