Monday, September 28, 2009

Exercise: Some motivation required?

Well I am back on my workout grind. I did 3 hours today. 1 hr with the Personal Trainer/ 30 minutes treadmill /30 minutes elliptical/1 hour abs & cardio class. Good stuff! I was tempted to stay for the Brickhouse class but I felt a slight pain in my upper left side of my back (again) when I was stretching so I kept it moving. I felt good but beat. I am totally in a Nike mode; Just do it! I can't say I am super motivated to get to the gym I am more so on autopilot. Motivation is overrated sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!
Also I realized I need to get some new workout shirts! I was wearing a tshirt from law school that was tight back in 2002-2003 and it is falling off of me now! I was a bit impressed to see how roomy it was now! I need to work on getting rid of the old stuff; that's my next goal! I have a meeting @ my law school next week I will treat myself to a few new tshirts in a smaller size :-)

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