Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Future Me

OK so I am an Oprah fan like everyone else!Even if you find her annoying, you have to respect her! I liked Oprah from way back though and as she has grown I am really amazed by her. I mean to become the richest woman in the world by helping people and being vulnerable yourself is such a win/win because when you help others you REALLY help yourself as well...and apparently you can get the President elected. That's based on public trust if you think about it; that's real power. I respect Oprah because she works hard to stay in shape. I am not saying I do not respect people who are naturally thin who workout to stay toned but there is a HUGE difference! If you are blessed *(and be sure it is a blessing) to have a fast/efficient metabolism and you workout hats off because skinny people drop dead of heart attacks too because the crap they eat still has an effect on the inside. But as someone who appreciates Oprah journey I really applaud her. I loved her book with Bob Green The Best Life Ever. Because her journey clearly illustrates that battling obesity is no joke. As she often says 1) She hates exercise by it is a necessary evil 2) If there was a magic pill she'd have it by now *re: she's the richest woman in the world!
So the best EVEN Oprah can do is wake up every day at 4am and get her workout on and watch her diet...Well then...we carry on...just without her billions. But that does go to show even with all that money, and a fab job, and great shoes this is her struggle and all the money, fame, and greatness does not trump achieving a lifelong goal like weight loss. I get that.

Anyway slightly off topic, the purpose of this blog entry was to talk about something I saw in the Oprah magazine. A website called Future Me. Its basically a website where you can send yourself an email sometime in the future. I love the idea. Although there are a ton I'd love to send to the Past me (lol) this Future Me activity I think is cool. Here are some of the ones I will do:

Congrats you are at goal!
Training for the Iron girl pep talks
Happy 35th Birthday!
Best wishes on the Iron Girl
Congrats you are AN IRON GIRL!
Several Affirmations

Try it out! You can make them public or private. I have enjoyed reading some of the public ones! With the New year approaching I can say I feel a sense of accomplishment that my 2009 weight loss resolutions became my end of 09/2010 results!

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