Friday, December 4, 2009

Trust Me Imm A Lawyer!

My Girls! The Old SAO Domestic Violence Crew there will never be another!
They are like family they laugh with me, encourage me, exercise with me, pray for me, tell me when I act a fool & when I look fly! What more can you ask for! :-)

Ok WOW the months are flying by! I mean really flying! Its already December 2010 the New Year is around the corner! Being in a pre-new years reflective mood & coming off of a high from partying last night and getting loads of compliments I am very grateful that I am taking this time to make myself a priority.
When January 2009 came around my mantra was "Fine in 2009" I set my S.M.A.R.T. Goals and I told myself that, that all or nothing, black or white, personality quirk I have that tends to serve me well in other areas of my life, was not going to work when it came to my weight loss and fitness goals. I would be modest and reasonable with myself and my workouts and my expectations. That did not mean I would take it "easy" I went and found the best Personal Trainer I could in the State! Charles is no joke! But in the past I would go overboard. For example a few years ago I lost a good bit of weight and rather than keeping that pace I amped up my workouts to 6 days a week 2-3 hours a day and I had no social life I was always running out of work or mad when i would get stuck in court my sole focus was going to the gym. I pushed myself harder and faster and well I just know now that that isn't how you live a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately that was/is my goal which is why I started this blog. The goal wasn't to see how much I could workout, I took on a "Work smarter, not harder" attitude. And its working I am slowly getting to my goal weight.

To be honest my goal was 10 pounds a month, I am at about 6 almost half but amazingly I am ok with that. I told myself not to get caught up in the weekly ups and downs (which is why i love WW but don't go every week) looking at the big picture, 6 pounds a month x 11 months is 66 pounds and that's nothing to be upset at. I am wavering between 65 and 70 pounds loss since January. Every day my scale says something different but that's okay I will wait that out too. I will just keep doing what I am doing get my workouts in and watch my intake.

Last night I wore another size 16 dress this was by Jones New York.... I love the dress (Thanks Mom!) and a lot of other people did too apparently lol

Last thought-Something I have realized is I can't live in the gym. I have too much to do. I do dedicate each Monday & Saturday to personal training and I usually do 2 hours and the rest of my exercise comes from a combination of taking maybe 2 more classes a week (socarobics & Chizel It) or being more active in general. So the challenge this weekend is:

1) Big Party last night (got in around 2am)
2) Gala tonight 8-12am
3)Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapter meeting @ 11am
4) Skating with Sorors @ 4pm

Harold Ford, Jr. & Me

So how does a busy woman on the move work in weight loss and exercise?

1) Well I'll be honest...I trade calories/points. Don't look at me like that! (lol) I know bad business but I have liquor so I eat less and I find more time to be social than worrying how much crab dip I can have depending on the made up point value in my head. I know that vodka has a set point value/calorie value crab dip does not! Keep in mind I had a sensible meal before I left for the party (baked potato with low fat sour cream and my premade Turkey meatball). So I am not advocating drinking instead of eating (the whole day anyway lol oh ok)

2) I keep my exercise appointment. My blackberry says 9:30 I am with Charles so there it is. I get a good hour in and this works well because I do not have to wake up early after partying tonight!

3) Chapter meeting is at 11am because we have a holiday celebration at a restaurant so while I'll be cutting it close I'll still make the meeting with a quick change artist impersonation.

4) I have ACTIVE events I am going to- I did some dancing last night even sweated my hair out! (I swear I need botox!) Tonight more dancing! Tomorrow its a skating event with the Sorors! Skating burns a lot of calories I will of course deduct the minutes I spend on the floor on my booty! lol

So I will report back with pictures of course! :-) I have a cute outfit in mind and the funny thing is the jeans (by Michael Kors) never fit me (I've had them for maybe 2 years now) I tried them this week and they are getting big! Glad I didn't miss my window!

Thanks again for all the pep talks, emails, and text messages and other forms of support! It is greatly appreciated and definitely helps to keep me inspired along this journey!

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