Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Well Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & All that jazz! Can you believe 2009 is almost over? OMG where did the time go? I have no idea but its kinda scary but exciting. I am heading to The Bahamas (Nassau) with my Mom & Sister for Christmas. I am looking forward to the get-a-way! Last year we did a cruise and I had a blast but I did gain like 7 pounds in 5 days I don't know how I did that buttttttt you do the math. It can happen! Let's see two workouts, hot coco with ice cream (yeah I said it!!), 24 hour pizza bar, midnight buffet.. as my sister would say & all kinds of foolishness! It was fun however weight loss is a slippery slope to use a legal term (lol) once you give up an inch 5 pounds magically appears! No lie.

My Mom & sister already left and went on a 2 day cruise down to The Bahamas and I will just fly down and meet them there. I could have gone but thought nahhh not this year its too much temptation. I finally broke the plateau and hit 70 pounds loss on Monday. How? I dunno the body is weird! But there is scientific literature to suggest taking time off from working out and varying your training can help the body not feel so out of sorts and therefore you will drop weight. Even body builders have a "free" day and take time off during the off season to stay on their game.

So that's 70 pounds in 11 months. Which is 6.3 pounds a month. Respectable. My goal was 10 pounds a month with 2 pounds loss per week in 52 weeks that would be 104 in a year. I will be off by a few but I am not stressing it. I mean I am because I was promised a trip any where in the world if I lost 100 pounds in a year and I have Fiji or China on my mind. But my Daddy is a push over lol if I hit 85-90 I am sure he will come thru. A/w to be honest I am happy with my progress. I think people might say well duh why wouldn't you be but I am such a goal person. I set up strict deadlines and I make things happen when I say if not sooner but as I reflect and cut myself some slack I feel great, look great, and well I've worked hard. Still got work to do and I am ok with that. I am still not a die hard "nothing taste a good as thin feels" type of girl I love food lol but I can see how balance is the name of the game and I am going to keep striving to get there.
My goals are to workout every day the beach is right there, and I can swim like a fish. I found a Yoga retreat that does drop in classes for $10 or a whole day with meals for $45! I love the email it was entitled "Dear Blessed Self" Gotta experience that! Oh and they pick you up via boat so they must be on their own little island! I am excited! There is also a parade of sorts for a holiday called Boxing Day which is a Junknaoo (think carnival) event so floats and what not and apparently it BEGINS at midnight by gun shot...Sooo Caribbean! I love it!
Anyyyhowwww I am wishing you all a blessed holiday!!!
But before I go I will remind you all that Jesus and I share the same birthday! However since its become a tradition to celebrate His birth in December I won't trip HOWEVER June 17th yall need to get them trees back out! LOL No but for real we need a revolution!

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