Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Workouts vs. An Active Social Life

These few weeks have been more challenging to my workouts than I anticipated! So many parties, so little time... to workout. I had plans to hit the gym 2 additional times this week but I had a meeting last night, I have another tonight, and Thursday was the workout day I planned and I just got invited to a Happy Hour that I want to go to, & Friday I have a dinner party and then we are back to Saturday and I have my Personal Trainer again! Where does time go!?

Excuses...but its the holidays and I am a busy person. I have been up and down the same 3 pounds so I will take that as a victory considering I have not been as faithful as I was in the fall.

My workout session on Monday was great but I was really dragging! I took a rest day Sunday and my body was in no mood for the foolishness with Charles! But my Trainer saw I was dragging and in and effort "to help" we did my strength training than cardio. Please*insert my rolling eyes here* He gave me some crazy exercises and they were hard and my body is now in pain. I am feeling muscles I didn't know existed. Good stuff! See that's the exercise crack talking...can barely stand talking about good stuff lol
I don't know what to say about this hectic holiday season except I will stick with my trainer and not beat myself up about missing the extra workouts and watch the extra calories all around the office.
I told myself I would make more of an effort to have a balanced life and I am working on that. I am busy but I really do not socialize much outside of AKA so I changed that this year got in involved with Monumental, doing more happy hours, and parties and meeting lots of new people and staying connected with others. I am enjoying it A LOT! I mean I met Doug E. Fresh how sweet is that for a girl from the Bronx!? Pretty sweet I would say! My sister has been a bit..annoyed with me she was wondering if I was passing up all these good parties for the last 9 years that I have been in Baltimore...I had to admit that I had...but no mas!
I am also an avid traveler I have been to Scotland, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Mexico, & a few islands but lately most of the traveling I do is for AKA so this year and next I am taking "just because" trips. I am going to The Bahamas for Christmas totally last minute but I am looking forward to spending Christmas on the beach again this year (last year I was in Mexico). I am going to Carnival in Trinidad in February and I worked it out to have two 1 day layovers in Panama!!! Whooo hooo!! I can't wait! Only to find out Panama has Carnival the same weekend! What fun! ****New motto for the New Year is "Getting it in, in 2010!" lol
Aside from that I have an AKA conference at home and one in NY and another in St. Louis in the summer. So 2010 will be busy as usual but I am keeping my trainer he has been soooooo worth the money! I am still pushing towards the last 35 pounds and I am giving myself permission to not go crazy to lose weight between now and New years. My size 16 dresses are getting loose and I fit into my sister's hand me down size 13/14 Apple Bottom jeans! Ok they are not ready for the world but they got on dang-nab-it and buttoned! I did not attempt to sit down however lol
I am still cleaning out the closet. Anything over a size 18 is just about gone. I donated 2 dresses I wore as Maid of Honor in two weddings I was in. The Soror in the Xi Tau chapter did a clothing drive and they were donated to an organization called The Priceless Gown Project that collects formal wear for under privileged young girls. I also have a friend who is collecting sorority paraphernalia or as we call it in the South "'nalia" and in the North "para" (lol) I have several 2x and 3x shirts, some I have never worn that I plan to give to him as well! The cleaning out is therapeutic kinda like getting rid of my old unhealthy self.
********When you lose weight DON'T keep the clothing let them go! I think its sends a single to your subconscious that the weight loss is temporary and you'll need them again. I've done that before. Not this time! Its all gotta go!
A/w I'll be checking in again soon!

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