Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fit & Fab during the Holidays

The people in the know say that most Americans tend to gain an average of 10 pounds during the holiday eating vortex (the time between Thanksgiving & New Years).I said 10 POUNDS!!! Once upon a time I was included in that count, heck planned on it! This year I told myself I would not focus on food but on friends and family during this holiday season. I also made a sizable investment in 24 personal training sessions so I would have no excuses for missing workouts during this holiday season. My Monday workout was a killer! I mean all of my workouts are but Monday's was really a challenge its like Charles took every exercise I hate with a passion and but them all together! I walked out dizzy! Good stuff! I fused of course (I think he likes that) but I did notice I could move faster, push harder, and I was more flexible. That's a good thing. Think about it the most challenging moves merged into 1 workout... WOW!
Goals for the next 4 weeks:
1) Continue personal training 2x a week
2) Take at least 2 additional exercise classes or use treadmill (2 hours)
3) Go to Weight Watchers meetings (don't wanna look like a newbie in January lol)
4) Enjoy the holiday with friends and family not food!
5) Lose 10 pounds
*Notice I did not go on a rant about making low fat version of your favorite things etc. I will be honest low fat/low calories tends to mean I eat more so I indulge moderately of the real thing rather than going for the next best thing or I avoid it all together. This is not meant to discourage anyone from doing that in fact WW has some great alternatives but just practice portion control. A word to the wise is sufficient! Enjoy yourselves! Here's an article 5 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain ~ Some good tips! There's still time :-)

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