Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did ya miss me?!

Well its been a hectic time...stress means bad behavior but I been on top of it and I am happy to report I was down 3.2 pounds this week at Weight Watchers. So I know I was up last week when I skipped that meeting but I expected a gain after the crazy drop two weeks ago and I really just didn't want to see that. I kept at the workout and my body leveled out. I would have been happy with staying the same so thats a blessing! I am 15.4 pounds away from my goal and trying to keep focused. My Apple Bottoms jeans fit again! Sweet! lol But some of my suits from last year's conference are still too tight. I need those 15 pounds GONE! Its weird because people seem to notice these 15-20 pounds more than they noticed the first 50 pounds! That trips me out. But I swear I still don't see a difference up or down. I guess pictures help with that and ohhhhh I have good news I was featured on another website! Click here ~~~> Call Me Iron Girl ! Thanks so much to Shalena D.I.V.A.! ITS A GREAT WEBSITE!!! Check it out! I gave a more detailed accoutn of the Iron Girl and some other advice!

I am also happy to report my ****DRUM ROLL***** Personal Trainer Charles completed his first Triathlon! He has actually decided to start a triathlon club at the gym!


I have a food post to follow! Thanks hope you are all well!!

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