Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I do not like to repeat successes; I like to go on to other things." ~ Walt Disney

Disney was the man! Anyway I saw this quote and felt justified lol as I mentioned I get bored easily which is why I never did another half marathon after the Baltimore half in 2007 and I honestly don't think I would do this Iron Girl Triathlon again either. I guess this quote sums up my feelings about the subject nicely! If you do something its done! Check off the To Do List or the Vision Board is how I see it. I toyed with the idea of doing it again for a better time since my goal is to be 50 pounds less by next May but ehhhh!

Anyway updates I had some steamed shrimp on Sunday in an effort to bypass Mister's Mom's good ole home cooked Sunday dinner. Its just not the type of food I can have a small portion of. Plus we family now! They know I am greedy! That kind of cooking/foods are trigger foods and I can't indulge for a little while since I am trying to really get back on track. His family understands. Anyway I think something may have been wrong with the shrimp I been sick ever since! In good news the scale is down lol but that's only because I can't hold anything down :-( hoping it clears up ASAP!

My workouts...I am proud to report are on point!

Saturday- 60 minutes Personal Training 60 minutes Socarobics 60 minute walk with Mister

Sunday-Rest b/c I was very sore!!!!

Monday- 60 minutes Brickhouse Cardio, 60 minutes Zumba, 60 minutes Chizel it (And Charles announced to the class that I did my first trialthon!!!) :-) Got a lot of kudos & pats on the backs!

Tuesday-60 minutes personal training

Weds- Sore again so rest day!

Thursday-that's TBA I am still sore and feeling a lil sick plus I already have in 7 hours of exercise! Awesome!

Life is busy busy as usually! Got some good news regarding my sorority involvement! It will be a lot of hard work but I am excited and up for the challenge! Junior League is still going well I try to send my minutes out ASAP because well its the best way for me to work! The 2 Tuesdays are going ok but there are some great classes on Tuesdays and I am such a creature of habit one week off messes with the whole flow. I need to be more flexible but thats the truth.

My training sessions were great the pic above was me doing the stairs with two 10 pound weights 7 timesssssssss!! What what!!!! I was beat but its all great because I remember over a year ago I did those stairs and had to hold onto the railing and stop at the top every time I went up and I only did it like 4 times lol then 5 then 7 and now I am doing 7 basically non stop with weights! Charles had to tell me to slow down and pace myself lol I am not at that place yet where the exercise has given me energy and most of you that workout and take breaks know what I mean after a certain point exercise pumps you up and you have loads on energy at first however there's a hump you have to get over so that's where I am. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit so we'll see I hope the energy comes back quickly in the meantime I am just doing it. I had a post before that said Motivation is overrated and it is at some point you just gotta get up off the couch and do it even when you don't feel like it. Even my Zumba teach commented about my energy level and she chalked it up to the Tri and I didn't have the heart to tell her I went grocery shopping after the triathlon so that wasn't it lol But I feel good about getting back in the groove of working out. Shooting for 10 hours next week! Laterrrrrssss


  1. Wishing I could do 3 hours, but all I see are the problems. Not only am I fundamentally lazy, but childcare at the gym will only keep the kids for an hour free and up to two hours for an extra payment. Wondering if I could get good and fit on 1 hr at a time. Any thoughts?

  2. Sure here are a few!

    1. Fight the lazy. Like I was saying I am not motivated like that but I know it has to be done.

    2. Pay the surcharge from time to time

    3. Go more times a week. I like to max out when I go because I can't go to the gym every day. Most experts now say we should work out for an hour every day! So if I have a goal of say 4 days a week I will do at least 1 or 2 days with an extra class mostly its just in case I dont get there 4 days at least I know I got in some good hours. So that's a option go 5-6 days for 1 hour.

    4. Do workouts together with the girls like walking/jogging in the park, bike riding, jumping rope, etc. fun activities that burn lots of calories!

    5. Sneak in workouts during the day. I talk aboutt hat in my Fit fed story! I walked up 7 flights of steps rather than take the elevator. I used DVDs or noon time classes rather than having an hour "lunch break" as a way to sneak more time in.

    6. Home workouts are also key I have a treadmill and when I was really on a mission I wanted to workout every day for 30 minutes before work or after I got home I did some activity at home if I just couldnt make it to the gym. Get some DVDs Pilates are hard core or even old school Tae Bo I still use! Plus the girls can join in!

    7. In terms of getting fit on 1 hour a day I dont see why not! Weights are the key they help shape your body and the more muscle you have the more your body can burn fat even at rest!

    I hope that helps! :-)