Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wearing a lot of hats....

Well I had a GREAT weigh in on Saturday thanks to this food poisoning or stomach virus! I lost 11 pounds lol The poor counter lady at the Weight Watchers dropped her jaw! I told her don't get excited I had stomach virus and I kept working out anyway. I lived off of ice chips, water, and broth for a whole week. I finally felt a little better by Saturday and had a great dinner with some good friends from my old job. I took it easy because it was the first real food I could keep down all week. It was a nice & healthy too! Love my people! She made grilled salmon, a roasted corn and tomato salad and a low sugar version of candied yams. If I remember correctly it was the sweet potatoes, honey, cinnamon and lemon juice. They were good maybe some brown sugar splenda would have added to the sweetness but honestly it was just sweet enough. I was good until dessert! My down fall was the home made pound cake with coconut glaze. Humm by 1:30am I had had 4 slices lol and took 2 home!

This week's workouts are ok so far. I had chapter meeting on Saturday so that cut into some of my workout time. But I still met with my personal trainer afterwards. *patting self on back* We are taking a break for a little bit while he competes for the Iron Man competition in Atlanta! I maybe should have asked another trainer to step in but I like Charles so I'll just have to make sure I don't slack off for these 2 weeks! We had a great session Saturday and I was proud I went. Once upon a time I would just skip workouts on AKA Saturdays but a good start to my week involves a Saturday workout. It was later in the day and I liked that better because the gym was basically empty! Sunday I took a rest day that included a trip to DC for my friend's event she had a great singer Akua and it was to raise funds for her Scholarship Fund ! Monday I had another session again a great workout! I went 30 minutes early by accident and heard him down the hallway teaching that's when i realized I was too early! But it was too late I was caught he was all too happy to shout me out tot he class and tell me to get some hand weights! So I got a good 30 minutes of Chizel it then we had our 1 hour session! I was debating going back for an evening class but Oprah came on and gave aways all this free stuff and well I stayed in bed! Ohh Oprah how I love & fear you!
Well tonight is also out because I have Junior League meeting. Let me just say I am busy!

Or as my chapter president said about me Saturday....I am wearing a lot of hats.... Working on chapter stuff, working on a great regional committee for my sorority, pitching in with an upcoming sorority celebration for an international officer, working on the Board of Directors of my League, helping out with the JLB 100th celebration, work, gym, family, Mister, & life in general it all adds up! I guess I always do a lot but this year or post summer year is shaping up into a busy, busy time! All good things though but just super busy. My week ahead...submitted for your approval....

Tuesday- Junior League 100th meeting- 5:30 then visit with Mister

Wednesday-Goal- catch spinning class @ 5:30pm then 9pm a Committee Con call...ok literally I have had 4 concall is 5 days I dont know how I did that!

Thursday-Chizel it workout

Friday-CBC event in DC

Saturday- Prisoner's community service project 9-11:30am then afternoon tea with my friend. Gym in between these two things

Sunday- Gym then a Raven's game party

As it stands that would be 5 hours of exercise this week at the most! Not good but better than nothing I guess? I am feeling better and eating more so thats good I think lol I anticpate a gain this week although I am gonna fight it because that leaves me with 17 more pounds to reach my Dec 31st goal! Well I'm off :-)

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