Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to Day #1 of the Jumping June Health & Fitness Challenge!

Whewwwwwwwwww that's a mouthful ain't it lol Well its June 1st people!! Can you believe that?!?! Seriously where did the time go?! I have no clue but I am excited about June and its possibilities! So much so I created this Jumping June Health & Fitness Challenge  on My Fitness Pal I did a call for my sorors and other friends and got a pretty huge response! Some of the details are below:

1. As a group our goal is to Exercise daily- Please commit to at least 30 minutes a day for the 30 days of June
(1- 30 minute session, 3 -10 minutes, 2 -15 minutes is ok!)
2. Pick 4 goals to share with the group for June they can be workout related, food related, water related. (Try something new like hot yoga, stay with my calories/points, journal daily)

3. Check in daily on the board to support and encourage each other!

Please reply to the message board with (1) your name, (2) Your 4 goals, and (3) whatever anchor you will use for the 30 day challenge (in WW an anchor is something that keeps your focused. It can be a quote, picture, or saying!)

Here is mine! 

Name: Cylia/LawyerGal1908

My 4 Goals:
1. Lose 10 pounds
2. Drink at least 60 oz of water
3. Do Bikram Yoga at least once per week
4. Weigh in daily

My anchor:
Fitness - if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. ~Cher

The scale is moving downward *insert happy dance here* and I am 18 pounds away from my recycled goal! It feels good and I did it with hard work vs. a stomach virus lol I had a hard workout yesterday with my personal trainer Charles! And I found out my Chizel It contract is up so I opted not to renew since I still have the Brick Bodies membership and now I have Krav Maga! That is sooo much money and I said a few months ago i would cut back. I know as long as I am consistent I will be successful and Chizel It was a good game changer. I may reconsider later on but for now I will stick with the personal training and really get into the Krav Maga.

My goal is to test out of the Level 1 group in 6 months (well 5 now) and that is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. I mentioned it before but the test is 5 hours long! 5 hours! You got to be on point to even try it, forget passing it! So I am on it! Speaking of which this is what my week looks like:

Weds- Krav Maga Level 1
Thurs-Level 1 or Thai pads
Friday- Going to see X men! Whoo hoooo!!
Saturday- Body Pump, Spinning, & possible Level 1 Krav Maga
Sunday- I am going to do the Intro to Krav Fit class & Heavy Bags

I am looking forward to finally being able to take the Krav Fit intro class! It looks like a harddd workout! The description gives you a clue! 

KravFitKravFit takes the concept of being "fighting fit" to a whole new level!  Based on a workout of the day (WOD), students will be given a new workout each day that is designed to exhaust every energy pathway.  Some days the workout must be completed as quickly as possible while on others the workout must be repeated as many times as possible in a given time frame.  These full-body, all-energy workouts will leaving you tired, exhausted, and in better shape than you ever thought possible! 

Sounds like what I need! And I set my goal at 10 pounds weight loss but really there is nothing that says I cant lose all 18 pounds in 30 days! Nothing I tell you! I am not going to push the limits but there is no telling how switching up my workouts will pan out on the scale.... Just saying! So stay tuned!!! :-)

Some of you may know I have a love/hate relationship with Beyonce mostly because she married my man! But I had to kick off the Challenge with this video this morning! I love the line "A lil sweat ain't never hurt nobody!" So I presented a throw back question from my weight loss in 2006 which was WWBD? ~~ What Would Beyonce Do?! Its a good lil mantra when you want fried chicken or something off program I always remember when she lost some weight she talked about her love of fried chicken and how she had to stop having it for a while! That was a light bulb moment she didn't say she didn't want the Popeye's just she had to stop having it while she was working so hard on her goal! Nothing wrong with that!

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  1. Tarsha Thompson

    My 4 goals
    1. Drink 4 bottles size 24 oz.
    2. Lose 20 pounds.
    3. Try a exercise class.
    4. Try spinning class.