Friday, April 29, 2011

Why the scale lies!

Ughh I am a lil frustrated with myself! Yesterday I randomly hopped on the scale and it had me 5 pounds heavier than Saturday! I was so mad and I started to retrace all my food & drink steps and to me it STILL didn't add up. Now I have had those moments of food amnesia when I seriously do not recall eating a lot and if I am on my journaling game I can go back and find the errors of my ways! But I have been faithful to and logging in food, water, and exercise! So I WAS mad! Well for some reason my anger translated into several eating adventures like 4 mini chocolate bars and an ice cream drumstick. Why I opted to take a negative approach to this set back is beyond me. I guess its like the rebellious child in me acted out. That on top of some car issues... I cracked I guess. But last night I caught myself from what could have been a serious downward spiral!

On the positive side my workout buddy system is a great help. I texted Dawn to ask about class and we met for the 6:30 Thai Pads class at the Krav Maga studio.  The Thai Pad class was a mixture of kicking and punching using different equipment from the regular Krav Maga class. The name comes from the primary equipment you need for class namely Thai Pads! They allow you to do kicks and punches closely together while training. Very effective! So you can strike (punch) then your partner can shift and you can do a roundhouse kick!

Cool right? Thai Pads
We also used another piece of equipment called a punching mitt which Dawn and I worked with to learn the combinations. The combinations were hard to get for some reason!

A mitt to catch punches lol
The class works like a buddy system so your partner uses four "calls" which are punching instructions. You make the calls to your partner who is doing the punching. The calls are 1, 2, 3, & 4 easy enough and they correlate to a particular punching sequence 1- is a straight jab 2- a jab then a cross 3- a jab then cross then hook & 4- put it all together and add an upper cut. 

It sounds easy but the brain takes a minute to catch up! We ended up also doing kicks and various combinations and worked up a sweat. We were watching the class we took last week and he ramped it up and we kinda wished we had gone there! LOL Dawn was more upset than I was she felt the training part was too long in the new class but I reminded her that's why she was mad at the other guy last week because he didn't give enough direction lol Ahhh women no pleasing us!

I liked the new class and now that I have had a chance to learn the combinations I'll take it again. The new teacher was cool and I cracked jokes and he cracked them back!  Everyone there is cool!

Ohhh and he also threw in jumping rope as a warm up! Ughh man I think I will buy a jump rope that's some good exercise! We also did ab work and push ups in between combinations. My abs are still sore from the other day like if I sneeze I flinch lol in pain!

This is a busy weekend (as usual) but its cutting into my workouts! I don't know what to do!

Tonight: I am free but in an effort to get some Spring cleaning done I want to go through some stuff I have to purge! Plus I was a lil tardy to work watching The Royal Wedding so I can't make the spin class!

Saturday: I have an AKA event at 11am then another event hosted by a Soror at 7pm

Sunday:  I have yet another AKA event and its gonna be all day too

Monday: I have Personal Training and I will take an earlier Krav Maga class b/c I have a meeting that evening

Tuesday: Classes till after 9pm so something at work must be done maybe the stairs

Weds.~Krav Maga Level 1

Thursday- Level 1 or Thai Pads

Then its Friday again! WHEW

Ohhh and as an update I got on the scale again this morning and it was back down
So I guess its not that scales actually lie but they do fluctuate...daily and sometimes several times a day at that! Lesson to all including myself don't get too tied to the scale and I may need to look into putting mine away and relying on Weight Watchers once a week for a little bit to avoid mood swings like yesterday! Here's a good article ~~> Why the scale lies... 

In reading the article I realized I've been "in the box" more recently (ie eating more processed foods) I learned a while ago my body reacts very differently to processed foods like frozen dinners and my body can hold a lot of water weight. Yesterday I was diligent about my water intake and had some fresh fruits and veggies and exercise and voila! Gone! A word to the wise...

Today I brought my Chobani yogurt, a southwest salad, some extra chicken strips, a mango, and water and I am good!

I'll check in over the weekend! Have a great one!

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