Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My new addiction...I HATE BURPEES!

The Heavy Bag training class is my new addiction! I don't know why I like it since it leaves me in a state of total and utter defeat BUT I like it a lot! Justin teaches on Sunday and that boy is wicked! I mean WICKED!! Sunday's class was off the chain. He KILLED our arms! Killed them! He made us do several punching and kicking combinations which were good then to add on we had to do 10 punches and 10 kicks the do 1 burpee...then we had to do 9 punches and 9 kicks then 2 burpees... then 8 punches and 8 kicks then YOU GUESSED IT 3 burpees!

It was nothing nice and we ended that torture doing planks! WTH Justin!!! Oh this was after he began class with "Musical punching bag" What is that you ask? Oh well just like musical chairs we had to run around the room and when the music stopped we had to fight to get on the inside of the mat facing the inside of the punching bags and of course punch and kick the heavy bag until the music started again. And if you did not get an inside spot?! You had to do burpees! For the record...


And yes I bought the shirt!! lol!
To fully understand the torture I had to post a video! Its below. Now, granted, she makes it look somewhat easy! But I dare you to try JUST ONE and tell me what you think! And imagine doing that in between punching and kicking a heavy bag! That's just the definition of insanity!

We ended the class doing at least 10-15 one minute sessions of straight punches and then he had the nerve to tell us to keep our hands up!!!! Ok after maybe 3 or 4 times you are like no problem but by the 9th..ok real talk the 7th round (lol) your arms are literally screaming at you and saying "SAVE ME!!! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM HE'S CRAZY!!!" Have you ever had to talk to a body part? It is not pretty! They are not amused or pleased at the betrayal! At a certain point I was too tired and worn out to even cry! Plus I can't be crying in front of these people they smell fear and weakness! LOL Ain't no one pulling my punk card! At least the spinning room is dark lol

Man oh man that class is some good stuff. I must say you earn every bead of sweat you produce! And you have to lift the heavy azz bags! LOL They get you coming & going! He ended the class with some wicked ab work! It was so ironic because I was talking with a lady I met there (Fran) and I was saying I like that they work you out until the last second class is over whereas in a step class or kickboxing they stop 15 minutes early to do abs. Well either he heard me and said let me mess with her or it was really a coincidence! I aint too sure which it was but it wasn't nothing nice!!
So we started with doing 3 sets of Russian twist with weights

And then Toe Touches :-/

Couldn't find a video but we also did Hello Dollies. You lay on your back and criss cross your legs. Ouch!  Then we ended it by holding up our legs 6 inches above the ground. Is that how you end a class? That's just not right! I walked out and shoulder checked him and rolled my eyes lol *Humph* LOL He just smiled and said "What?" *insert evil grin here*

Now I know he can take me down in like 2.2 seconds and I wouldn't see it coming but its not right! I had to do something lol I actually toyed with the idea of staying for Level 1 Krav Maga but it was HIM again so I said bump that and left! LOL But someone told me that he actually used to weigh like 300 pounds! I don't believe it he is super thin and fit I can't see that at all!!! So he gets respect from me for that I might ask him and see if he confirms the story! I can always use another fitness idol! :-)

Tonight is the Heavy Bag class again so that's the plan! Last week it was with a different teacher and I didn't like it too much so I hope he isn't the regular. He had us doing all kinds of crazy things to warm up like bear crawls which looks like it sounds, you get on all four and crawl like a bear! We also did long range & frog jumps and other randomness that was more like the cross fit stuff I suppose. But we'll see what jumps off tonight. There's also a Level 1 class afterwards I may stay for.

Its sooo hot this week! In fact yesterday I went straight home and right into the bed. I really need a massage I am overdue but the four pounds I talked about in the post disappeared and I want to keep the progress going. I may try tomorrow night after Level 1 hell if I can go on dates after the gym surely i can treat myself to a much needed massage!

Speaking of dates I am starting from scratch! Wiping the slate clean!! IT/Photo guy like I been saying I don't think that was a love connection. I think we both look good on paper but there was no spark. He was kinda lack luster and I finally told him look no need to keep calling & texting if it aint there it just aint. Life is too short to waste each others time. I don't think he was being deceptive (but that might be my glass half full point of view) but he was and I think I was "open to" fitting a square peg into a round hole and I keep saying that was my lesson from the last time if that "spark" isn't there its a sign of something and so I am good with walking away. I met a Soror at the cookout I went to with him and found out about a cool get away spot. So I'm good! Bless & releasing and sending all the best his way!

New guy with the salsa dancing idea... I just deleted his number. We planned to go out last minute on Sunday evening. I had a date earlier that day, with another guy (no I did not tell him that) A/w it was fun we went bowling and had lunch. He seemed nice but again no spark there so I think I should have gone with my gut when he made a smart comment about why he didn't become a lawyer (which was we bargin with people's lives) he opted for a career in trasportation...which is fine but I don't think I'd be all high and mighty about the evils of the law when 1. Lawyers are always the first people folks wanna call when they need help or get in trouble 2. You didn't ditch it for some selfless career like soical work or to be a therapist or teacher to "help people." Just saying...  So a/w I called new salsa guy called o tell him I was done he mentioned some poetry in the park he wanted to go to so I said I was game. Well when I text he says he went to the gym b/c he thought I was going to be out a lot later. Why I dunno I said I would wrap up what I was doing by 5pm...but whatever... I said cool call me on the way home and he did and he told me he'd call me after he showered etc. then nada... no call... no text :-/

Ok since he been a lil pressed the whole while ok let me not say pressed but calling and texting I was wondering if something may have happened when the following day (yesterday) I still had not heard anything by 3pm. My gut told me there was nothing wrong but I was texting back and forth with a guy friend and I told him my ego wouldn't let me call and I can be honest my ego did not allow me to reach out until then lol but then I wanted to know the deal. Anyway he wrote right back saying he fell asleep and some other gibberish *insert blank stare* I just deleted his number and the entire conversation. That's just rude. Even if he did fall asleep you don't call or text to apologize by 12 noon the next day?! Come on son!

Granted my communication was less than stellar but I apologized and felt we started fresh. And I never made plans to see him and then didn't show or call... ok maybe I did... but it wasn't like a firm firm plan like "let me go shower and I'll call you back" type plans is was a loose oh may be we can meet up next Monday type plan with no follow up. Different. I was luke warm about him anyway so I'm out. I went out with another guy Saturday and that is story for another day and another blog lolololol but its a doozy!

I am feeling like I need another break. Last time I said that a flash flood of men came my way but nothing worth keeping or nothing stuck! I was telling my friend its funny when other people say it they meet The One I get lots of practice on what I do and don't like lol I told her my soulmate is gonna be the bomb is all I can guess from this hodgepodge.

But I want to really focus in on my Krav Maga I met a young girl like maybe 17 or 18 years old who took the Level 1 test after only 6 months!!! She was alil bitty thing too! She is good though! I really don't think I can do it by November but for Feburary I think that is doable if I can be consistent! I got in trouble for giggling last week by Kirk :-(  but she was a lot stronger than she looked when she grabbed me by the neck! I was taken aback I guess laughing was my nervous knee jerk reaction! So reframing and refocusing for the second half of summer. Some good parties and events coming up and I am going to have fun but I still have these 17 pounds to lose and while I need balance I think I need to just take my focus back and while I am never that chick that's sitting around and waiting maybe I need to just work on releasing some things and just not think so hard. 

A/w that's all for now folks See ya!

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