Friday, July 8, 2011

The Struggle

Well I am happy to report I went to the gym yesterday and I took a spinning class! That made it 6 days of working out! I am so happy! I was super excited b/c the Spin teach was Eddie! Eddie is a legend! I took his class a few times when I worked in downtown Baltimore and he is a true teacher! The music was banging! In fact he played my summer jam Shame by Jill Scott!! I told him he ruined that song for me now lol I worked up a sweat!!!!!!

It was such a good class he kept reminding us to hold in our abs and squeeze our glutes. I came home sore! At one point during the ride he told us to go heavy on the resistance and he told us its time to "Struggle because our legs will thank him later!" LOL I dunno about all that but struggle I did. I didn't cry or anything like Monday (lol) but I realized  it is easy to "cheat" in spinning. There was this other girl up front just peddling her heart out! He told us to put it at a 10 meaning HEAVY resistance and her feet are whipping around like she is peddling downhill. What's that about?! I don't get it! You got to be honest in your workouts! Because who are you really cheating?

Good stuff!

No struggle, no progress!

I was really inspired by him last night. I have becoming a certified spinning instructor on my 2011 Vision Board and I know another spin teacher Cheryl and I told her I may need her to mentor me b/c I want to get that done! Not to teach but just to say I have done it! More good stuff!

Nowwwwwww for the bad stuff! *heavy sigh*

The scale was up 4 pounds today :-(

I can say a few things T.O.M. just ended and I have not cooked in a long time. I bought a bunch of frozen foods and I have been eating out. The sodium alone could be doing me in. I will work on that this week even though but I am going away. I just have to be mindful and work out.

I will check in again on Monday and pray the scale is kind. But I still see my collar bones so that is something! My size 14s are getting big again and I feel more firm and trim. But that damn scale has such a hold over me! But I am staying focused!

My workout plan:
Friday: Nothing- going home to sleep lol
Saturday: Early meeting and late lunch and meeting a new guy for drinks in between! 
Maybe something at home on On Demand will work!
Sunday: Heavy Bag and  Level 1 Krav Maga
Monday-Level 1 and Krav Fit
Tuesday- Heavy Bag
Weds- Level 1 & Krav Fit 1 

The rest of the week in up in the air:
Thursday- travel
Friday-hotel gym
Saturday-hotel gym
Sunday-hotel gym

Man! The summer is flying by and I really want to be back where I was in May 2010 before September! That's 8 weeks away at 2 pounds a week I could be there I just gotta focus. I just hate when I bust out my workouts and gain weight its so disheartening! I think I am past the stage of drowning my weight gain sorrows in cheesecake lol so that's good! I have more of an eye of the tiger type reaction I guess. I want my goal back!!!!!!!!! Speaking of which I should go check in at Weight Watchers Saturday. I have a training class in DC at 9am I could make the early meeting and still get there but we'll see!

A/w I was having a conversation with my friend who is started a boot camp this week and we were talking about "the struggle" and I told her I got over being bitter about having to work so hard to get results because there is nothing I can do about it. The fact of the matter is weight loss is harder for some people; its just a fact.

I am one of those people. People who lose weight by walking and "cutting back" God bless them. That's not my story. Other things in life comes a lil easier....ok a lot easier to me than other people. So I guess if this is my struggle it could be worst. I can afford to buy the right foods and pay for the right help to make me successful. I have a supportive network of people that keep me encouraged and I can't afford to stay stuck or keep asking why me. I need that energy to burn calories.

Calories that seem to seek me out like a mosquito in Jamaica looking for fresh Yankee blood :0) So like the quote above says “For better or worse, our future will be determined in large part by our dreams and by the struggle to make them real.” I can dig it!

In other "for better or worst" news my girlfriend Tosha got engaged!!!!! I was so happy when I got the email (lawdie technology!) she sent it last night (a pic) of the ring and the title was "Hey" I was like I'll read it tomorrow morning lol only to get to work and look at my email on the computer (vs the blackberry) and saw the rock! LOL Sweet! She's the person who told me about the book The Soulmate Secret! She's such an amazing woman I am happy for her and can't wait for her big day!

Well that's about all I have today folks! Make it a good one! :-) 

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  1. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday???? I guess I'll pack extra workout clothes for the trip.