Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Recap!

Columbia MD fireworks!

I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend!!! I know I did! Well workout wise I was on point if I must say so myself! Sunday I went to Heavy Bag even though my body was screaming from my personal training session with Charles & Level 1 Krav Maga on Saturday with Kirk! It was a crazy crazy crazy class! I couldn't even think about doing Level 1 even though I was tempted! That video I posted last time from youtube  was pretty on point with Justin's crazy class! I was soaked by the end of class. I went home for a nap because its T.O.M. (sorry fellas) and I was supposed to go to brunch with a friend but I was in pain! I will take that as a NSV (Non scale victory) that I even went to do that type of workout because whew! I rested the rest of the day because I had a date at 9pm with this guy... it was actually our second date he's cool cute dimples but I don't think we are on the same page. We had a good conversation though but we'll see about date #3.

I made it home at a decent time and got up early for a 90 minute spinning class at Brick Bodies (my old gym that's still been getting my money lol) Krav maga was closed so I was looking forward to mixing it up! They also had a Body Flow class and I really like that teacher her name is Andrea and she always has good energy and good music. I was shocked the gym wasn't sold out the spinning class eventually filled up but it took a minute. I am not even gonna lie yall...I shed tears in the class. Thank God the sweat obscured it from the rest of the class. I dunno I may have just been hormonal but I really appreciate what exercise has done for my life, my body, and my peace of mind and I am so happy and grateful to be healthy enough to exercise let alone do a 90 minute spinning class followed up by another 90 minutes of Body Flow!

I left my yoga mat somewhere (lol) and so Andrea asked the spinning class who was staying for Body Flow-oh by the way body flow is a Les Mills program its a mix of yoga, Pilates, and tai chi. I told her I would but I left my mat and she was "kind" enough to say she had an extra one for me. LOL So I stayed and it was a good class. It was very cold b/c my tshirt was soaking wet from spinning and the cramps hit again but I toughed it out and I made it though.

THEN it was time to get my grub on! The IT/Photo guy invited me to a cookout his friend was having so I said sure I'd go and then another guy I know (who is a fraternity brother I am close to) was having his family from out of town and he did invite me but I planned to go to the other cookout but the guilt text message came lol so I went there first! Had a good time and I didn't over do the food! I had one hot dog on a bun with ketchup, potato salad, 2 bbq chiken wings & baked beans! It was fun... I have a story for another time maybe I will add it to the dating blog :-) the title will be "The greatest couple that never was!" LOL ahhh welll anyhoo :-)

I went to the second cookout and had fun. I had 1 rib, grilled bbq chicken breast, bbq beans, 3 large cookies (my contribution) and a small piece of a peanut butter brownie thing oh and 2 Corona lite beers with lime. I havent had a Corona since I dunno when! That hit the spot! A/w IT/Photo guy's friends are very diverse and cool and we then went to check out the fireworks in Columbia. He's nice but I still don't think its a love connection...again maybe I'll revisit this on the dating blog lol My mantra timing, chemsitry, & quality! I seem to always hit 2 out of 3 which gets me closer and that's the glass half full answer :-)

Tuesday I worked from home and then went to the Heavy Bag class again. It was a good workout but not as hard as Sunday's thank God b/c I was really borderline with going but the week dating wise is shaping up nicely. In fact I had another first date last night and had a good time. We've been playing phone tag and text tag and travel tag for over a month. I will be honest I don't juggle well and I dunno... I've been distracted...but anyway.... maybe this is more dating blog material but we had a nice dinner and he said he'd like to take me out again (if I would ever make time lol) and maybe go salsa dancing! That piqued my interest because that's what I am talking about. A two for one dating and dancing! He's very in shape like to the point where I reached out and felt his forearm ...oh and his chest...oh *blush*

He works out almost every day and he said he was training for a body building competition but hurt himself in a basketball game so this was him "small." *blank stare* Now Superman (heard from him recently was big too but I dunno this guy is big solid muscle in a shorter frame it seems different! Anyway he was funny and we had good conversation after he spilled the water and came late because he got lost *smh* poor thing but we had fun. He's 41 single, never married (formerly engaged however) and no kids! *whew*  Former military but works for the Feds now. So we'll go dancing, I told him let me know when and I am game although I do not have any rhythm. I am looking forward to it!

Lo & behold facebook done found me another date lol so we are going to meet for drinks this week as well. We emailed back and forth and we have like 30 friends in common I emailed a few to see if they REALLY know him so far one person said no. Waiting to hear back from the others! But he looks interesting...and tall and no kids in any pictures I was able to glimpse! Well...its a busy summer! Lots of material for the dating blog lol

Anyway tonight I have Level 1 with my Krav Maga boyfriend Kirk! Its bitter sweet b/c he will be gone for a whole week to do his Instructor's Test  which is a week long - 8 hours a day fighting exam! Madness! Imma miss hum *sniff*  

I think I will stay for Krav Fit tonight too and get two workouts in. Ohhhhh the black wrap dress I almost wore it Sunday night but it was a lil too much but it looks good on!!!  I think I still need 5-7 pounds to not (as my sister would say) offend children but I liked it so did my friend who I designated as my male wardrobe you may recall I went out on this realllyyy reallyyy great date but again another story for the dating blog but we are cool :-)

Ahhh well I guess I should officially mention I am starting a blog co-op entitled To Be Wooed it will be a bunch of stories about dating and well we'll see how it evolves. I still have not called the matchmaker back yet but I will. Ironically a friend mentioned that there was this 10 dates in July challenge going on online and I should try it. I looked it up and lo and behold my Matchmaker guy started it! The Ultimate Summer Dating Challenge click the link for more info! Actually last night was date #1 for me although Body Builder was asking me out for over a month I called him and said hey let's do something! It wasn't so bad! :-) And yes ladies he paid! LOL

My quest is to strike a balance between my dating life, exercise life, AKA life, and my family & friends life! The one thing I have learned about balance is that it is an ongoing process so we'll see how it works out!

Hey! Its the summer! :-)

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