Monday, July 25, 2011

The Prodigal Workout Blogger~ The Awesome Story

Summer 2K11

Well I am biz back! Its been a rip roaring few weeks or however long I have been MIA! I went to Atlanta for my sorority's Leadership Conference and had a BLAST! It was busyyyy but fun! Got to see a lot of good soror friends from near and far and met some great new people as well. Awesome Story #1- Sisterhood is awesome!

My workouts have been lacking. I am blaming the heat its been over 100 degrees so I've just been coming home and going to bed. Not sexy I know lol On the upside no weight gain but I must say my body feels different and not in a good way! LOL I worked out with Charles last Monday and haven't done a thing since! So its Monday again and I am meeting him today! I was really proud of myself because I cut up in Atlanta lots of likka and very little sleep lol but I got up and stayed on track with my training. Awesome Story #2- No excuses!

This weekend I went to the Maryland Alphas Cookout had a good time although it was HOT!! I saw my former student and gave him a tshirt I got for him from Atlanta he was soooo happy lol Awesome Story #3 someone really appreciating you doing something nice for them. 

I posted the above picture on Facebook and 2 people made (as I once heard the saying go)  complinsults! LOL A compliment with an insult. Well one mighta' just been a straight insult lol but it had to do with the fact that I was wearing black and it was hot. I replied it worked just fine! And let's be honest it was 103 degree what was gonna keep anyone cool but the air conditioning? LOL It was a thin  low cut linen dress and shoooott none of the men complained lol so what women had to say was the furthest thing from my mind. BUT what is Awesome Story #4 was the way OTHER people responded to comments of the picture! A few new replies were posted to the picture and in my inbox telling me how great I looked. Positive feed is awesome. Now I don't think either person intended to make me feel badly BUT words do have power and it was cool to see people respond with positivity! :-) You get back what you put out!

Sunday I had big plans to go to Heavy Bag but I couldn't sleep and I was on the phone into the wee hours of the morning so I just spent the day sleeping and watching tv! Awesome Story #5~ A Rest Day!

I guess you are wondering why I keep ending every sentence with the Awesome Story tag lol well in my loafing yesterday I came across a video entitled The 3 As of Awesome! Its an amazing story about a guy who started a blog 1000 Awesome Things  its kinda like a gratitude journal. He became thinking of all the great things in life that are awesome in spite of his marriage ending, the suicide of his close friend, war, the economy, natural disaster, etc. but taking time to appreciate life and all its awesomeness since we only have a short time to enjoy it. Its a great video, great sorry, awesome way to live life. He suggest we live, grieve, and make a choice to either wallow in the bad or choose to be thankful for the simple little pleasures we always experience but don't often take time to appreciate but in doing this it helped to improve his mood and outlook on life. 

Although this is a workout blog its about living a fit & fab life and I can say your outlook sure makes a difference in all areas of your life. 

The 3 As he shared are really profound they are Attitude, Awareness, & Authenticity!

On the dating front there's nothing doing. Its funny I had a conversation with someone where there was a mutual interested but he just isn't where I am in terms of being open to a relationship and he made the comment he didn't want to set me up for failure.Yikes! Check please! 

I've been speaking with another guy I mentioned a whillleee back I went on a great date with and he kinda disappeared...twice. We had a good talk and I was frank and let him know it wasn't cool and I don't really do, do overs and he got a second shots and did the same thing so..... 

I think I am more like a man...meaning I am more mental than emotional when it comes to relationships which certainly has its down sides b/c I can shut down and shut out. But on the upside I am practical. So as I said last time clean slate.:-)  I am reading the book 

Chicken Soup for the Soul Love Stories: Stories of First Dates, Soul Mates, and Everlasting Love.

I don't even know when I bought it to be honest but I found it recently and said now is as good a time as any to read it! Anyway there are some great stories. I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books although this is the first I have read. The creator Jack Canfield is on the DVD The Secret and Arielle Ford also did one of the books in fact in her book she said after she did her part (For Singles) she was leaving the single life behind and got to work on finding her soulmate lol so I am overdue in my support of this book!

A/w that's all for now! Stay cool & Stay focused!!! Make it an AWESOME week!!! This is the Omega Psi Phi 100th Anniversary convention this week in DC and a sista has lot and lot and lots of partying to do! My workout plan is: Today with Charles, Tuesday Krav Maga (then I have a class to teach), Wednesday-Krav Maga and Thursday, Friday, Saturday party, party, party! Lots of Sorors are coming to town and I am looking forward to having some fun! Hey ITS THE SUMMER!


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