Sunday, July 3, 2011

ST*U and Train!

Teacher's pet lol
My fave Instructor Kirk & me! His shirt says it all!

Wellllllll its Sunday and maybe this shirt isn't too PC to post but I had to! LOL

I love this shirt!! It says it all!!!  Power moves are a way of life!

Stop running your mouth about what you used to do, what you can do, what you should do, what ought to do and DO IT DAMN IT! I really love it because besides the on line/text speak "Just Do It" upgrade it has Krav Maga attitude! Gotta love it!

Ok first off I been calling my fave teacher the wrong name! Opppsss! Well getting back into my workouts has been GREATTTTTT!! I was pumped up to get back to my workouts Saturday morning so much so Charles even had to say something! I am doing 2 new fitness challenges for July and I want results! Scratch that like Toni Childs I specialize in results! SO its on!

So I finally went back to my personal trainer Charles Harris! Whew and what a workout it was!! Its been about 3 weeks and funny thing an old boss was there training with him as I walked in! I don't know why I was shocked but it was a good thing. I can say Charles is an awesome motivating trainer and she and I were talking about him when I saw her at a party in May. She knew me in law school and as an attorney at my first real job and that was also when I was my highest weight. Its funny I saw another friend from my old job at that same party and she for real did not recognize me lol she finally realized who I was when I kept speaking :-) Weird but good!

I felt really strong during my training even though I went out the night before :-) I know Charles hates when I don't come in at 100% but I didn't have to fake it I really felt that good we when the whole hour without breaks! We did upper and lower body weights, I used the BOSU ball and did squats, 150 sit ups, walking with a medicine ball doing alternating leg lifts, and to mix it up he had me kicking a exercise ball he wedged into a pull up bar lol my short legs! It was all good though! We also did 7 reps on the stairs and I ran (Whoo hoo) 3 times on the treadmill for 3 minutes each time! I am not a runner yes I know I have done a triathlon and a half marathon but I walk/jog so I was really proud of myself!

Dawn & I planned to hit up the Krav Fit class which is a combo of Cross Fit & Krav Maga! We were excited! Welllll when you miss 2 weeks you miss a lot lol apparently there was a outdoor hike/run planned instead of Krav Fit :-( I was no way interested in driving to some forest and running in the woods in my new Brooks ...Ohhhh lol so I guess the teacher anticipated there would be some people who missed the memo so he left a workout on the mirror....LOL

Sorry you missed us...

100 Pull ups/rows/bent over rows
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Squats
Sincerely John (lol)
 I added the lol

Dawn and I rocked it! My shoulder has been acting up I thought the 2 weeks off would have helped but I need to break down and go to the doctor! I seem to be fine when I am working out but it did bother me when I did the push ups :-/  That workout took about 40 minutes and then we did 20  minutes on the treadmill!

To our surprise Kirk was teaching Level 1 and it was a good class! Apparently he will be gone week after next for his Level 2 Instructor's Exam -its a 5 day 8 hour each day exam! YIKES!!!!

I have 2 Sorors who want to try class out next week so I encouraged them to come to his class on Weds. so that should be fun!

The class was good I even got picked to do the demo at the beginning of class for the shoulder tapping :-) Teacher's pet lol

All in all I feel good. Today we have Heavy Bag with Justin and I slept in late went to the African American festival last night with new guy. I'll have to find another code name maybe I.T./Photo guy will work lol Chrisette Michelle was performing so we stayed for a few and headed back home. There were tonssss of people it was like an Essence Music Festival flashback!  Whew... Tonight Charlie Wilson is playing this event is free and well its OPEN to the public so its a little overwhelming lol

Today Heavy Bag with Justin then lunch with a friend then a date later on tonight! Monday I am headed to my old gym for a 90 minute spinning class then Body Flow class then It/Photo guy invited me to a cookout at his friend's house then we are going to catch the fireworks. Good stuff! :-)

Hope you all have something good planned for 4th make sure it involves burning some calories! Enjoy!!!

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