Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Too Cute to Sweat!

Hot off the presses my personal trainer Charles "Chizel It" Harris released his first book! The title is "I'm Too Cute to Sweat." Its a great book to look at all the EXCUSES we make to not workout! Everything from our hair, to not enough time, to not knowing the right exercises to do! It's all in there! I always sing Charles's praises from the roof tops b/c working out with him changed my life. I was always resistant to a personal trainer because I felt I could workout myself but he really showed me the great advantage it gives to one's efforts to reaching their goals. He is very passionate about fitness and about health so this book comes from the heart! Get a copy today!  We may be cute but don't ever think you are too cute to sweat ladies! There  is nothing sexier than a fit (and no dress size defines fit!) & confident woman!

July 2008 to Nov 2011 - Thanks Charles!!!

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