Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The power of improvising...

Well I am in Week 3 of Bootcamp! I am a morning person but working out in the wee hours (5:30am) of the morning isn't really my cup of tea! LOL I missed last Thursday because I had a Bar Association event that night and since I actually have a job that requires 8 hours of work (lol) I had to go in early to work in order to catch the event that evening. What a great event! It was the movie premier of the new George Lucas film Red Tails  a movie based on the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African-American combat pilots during World War II. It was good! It comes out this Spring be sure to check it out!

However, by the weekend I was so tired! I literally stayed in bed all weekend except for a handful of times I left the house for food! It was cold and honestly I am a little burnt out between a busy work season, teaching (now four) classes, AKA, Foundation fundraising chairman work, Bar Association stuff, now I have a new project with Junior League...and oh yeah I sleep from time to time as well! lol

I missed all the Omega Psi Phi 100th Part II events & I took an L on the gym alll weekend!  :-(  buttttt I did get some much needed sleep!! So I aint mad! 

Well Tuesday morning came mighty quick and I woke up around 4:00am and I started to hear myself talk myself out of going to the bootcamp that day. You know, you been there! That small voice creeps in your subconscious saying "It's only one day! You can miss it" and "You can go Thursday!" or "You need more sleep!" I took a  deep breath and got up and took a shower got dressed like I was on auto pilot! I got in the car and blasted my Best of Jay Z CD and made a beeline for the gym! I got there a little before 5:30am  and saw all my fellow Bootcampers still in their cars! :-/

Not good!

I was so tired and fought my way there and what? Charles overslept? *humph* a few minutes later he drove up and explained the security guards forgot to come and let him in and he gave us the option of going home OR we could improvise and do a 1.3 mile outdoor walk. :-/

It was cold and dark BUT we all said might as well, we are up and out the house already MIGHT AS WELL BURN SOME CALORIES!

I've said this before and I'll say it again! I am not an outdoors workout person. Yes I realize I've done a 5k, a half marathon, and even a triathlon HOWEVER I like the clean, crisp, air conditioned, and well lit safety of the gym!

So again for the record! Working outdoors: Me no likey!

But after a weekend of sleeping off I HAD to do something! I am a planner by nature! I like to write things down and execute them. I don't do improvising but... I had no choice.

Well we started out walking, some jogging, and as is always the case I ended up being too slow for the fast people and too fast for the slow people! I swear this always happens! I end up alone with my thoughts! I think God is trying to tell me something! LOL

I picked up the pace but still found myself alone and I started to think about this Louise Hay CD I been listening to in my car on the way to work. I left off on a section she discusses the power of affirmations. I remember watching Saturday Night Live with Stuart Smalley and thinking how incredibly corny it was to tell yourself things like his famous "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me."

But as the saying goes there is a little truth in every joke! And I have long said this journey to wellness was about more that just losing weight for me it was a physical, mental, and spiritual journey for me and so its not all about getting to spin class or going to my weigh ins at Weight Watchers, it goes deeper than that. Well anyhoo I used that time to think of some new positive affirmations. If my mind can whisper stay in bed instead of exercise surely I have the right to feed it some new thoughts, positve thoughts that will help me reach my goals!

My mantra for 2011 was "My Best Life Ever!" and I must say 2011 has been living up to that high goal. I may not be where I want to be weight wise but life is good! In fact in an effort to clean out the clutter I found my "before pants" and whoosahhh I need to take one of those pictures with myself in one leg! I have come a long way in the past (almost) 3 years and I think it has finally set in that this is a lifelong journey but I don't need to be bitter about it!  

Its all about my mindset. Just like on Tuesday morning. There are going to be times when I need to improvise and that is a okay! My blog is about my quest for a fit & fab life and I have that! I can make it more fab (read-- get my Oprah money lol) and more fit (keep working towards my goal of being happier and healthier) and choice by choice it will all come together! I found this quote that sums it up perfectly for the planner forced improvising control freak in me ! :-)  

"No, improvising is wonderful.
But, the thing is that you cannot improvise
you know exactly what you're doing." Christopher Walken


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