Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barre Review

Last night @ the Debate Watch party hosted by the Deltas!
Politricks is a serious matter but I was all smiles! Word to Big Bird!

Welllll I stumbled upon my first Barre Class!! I mentioned in my last post that I got a groupon for the Barre classes and explained what the class was about. I know if I was a good blogger I would refer you back to the link and all but yall know me by now..or soon will for the new folks lol

In short Barre is a new workout craze its a combination of ballet, pilates, and yoga. If you think about it ballet dancers do have very lean and trim bodies so needless to say their workouts are like that! I went to the gym on Sunday to take Spinning and Body Pump and as I was dropping off my spinning number at the front desk I saw a sign up sheet for Barre! I won't go into how long it took me to get the information I needed and I should email Lynne Bricks about her people BUT since they are typically on point and it was a Sunday I let it go. Well in my own way... lol

Anyway a few of the ladies that were taking the class overheard all the back and forth with the front desk clerk and said the teacher would let me take the first class for free so I followed them! I had to get a few items a yoga mat, exercise ball, and small weights I opted for the 3 and 5 pounders. One of the ladies warned me it was a lot of small movements so don't get anything too heavy. That's my set up below!

Well I stayed with the 3 lbs weights the wholeee time!!! I will say this about the class they were very welcoming I let them know I lost a lot of weight regained some and lost about half of what I regained and wanted to mix my workouts up a little bit. They all said they loved what the class has done for their bodies and its intense. That's the word they kept using over and over lol intense!

Well the teacher came in and recognized me as new and she assured me I will love the results! Sidebar: After class we got to talking and she actually reads my blog lol How cool is that! A/w the music was great very Madonna, Foo Foo Fighters, upbeat empowering tunes. I didn't expect that thinking back to my days as a dancer *cough* when I was six years old *cough* everything was very clean and white and quiet! Not Barre! LOL The music was actually a little loud and in your face and that should have served as a warning.

The class started with push ups! What class starts with push ups? LOL It went down hill pretty quickly. The class is no joke! I will say the teacher did tell me that I was a quick study because most of the time you are on your toes with your heels together doing squats and leg lifts! It is hard! Very hard to focus your mind when your body is hurting! LOL
My legs were not happy with me at all! But I like the challenge! It is always good to mix it up so I am excited for the next 10 classes to see how far I will go!

As I mentioned before I have a workout group on facebook for my sorority sisters and I just realized Thanksgiving is only 5 weeks away! I sent out a call for sorors to join the group and do a 5 Week Fitness Challenge leading up to Turkey day! Close to 30 new members joined the group!! How exciting!! I need the support and accountability!! One goal is to do intentional exercise every day for the 5 weeks. It can be anything but it must be on purpose! I also want to lose 10 pounds that's 2 pounds a week. And I want to at least set a date to take the spinning certification class. A soror reminded me this weekend that I had that on my 2012 Vision Board I would like to see that through!

Anyyyhoooo I trolled the Internet to find pictures of some of the moves from class and found some good ones! I would highly recommend the class and I was able to get it for $125 for 10 classes so that's $12.50 a class! That's not bad!

Everyone warned me I'd be so sore the following day and I was a little bit sore but mostly my smaller muscles like my triceps and unknown back muscles. I burned about 700 calories in 1 hours which I did not expect at all but your heart rate stays pretty elevated and I was dripping with sweat. So that will be my Sunday go to workouts 8:30 spinning then 9:30 Barre! I will just need a change of clothing lol

Here are some pictures! Enjoy! If you try it out let me know what you think!!


  1. Well, everyone stumbles whenever we do something new and routine on our first day. Though, I think that you will enjoy the next Barre classes because your enthusiasm to write about it. Barre is really interesting because of the fact that you get three workouts all in one. In fact, more and more women are considering it.

  2. It has become a craze that even celebrities are into it nowadays. You should pursue both the spinning and barre exercise schedule every Sunday because they make a perfect combination. Spinning is a more intense workout and focuses more on the lower extremities, while Barre is a total body workout. My friends and I have tried it, and we saw results in just 10 sessions.

    Celia Maciomhair

  3. Congratulations for trying a barre class! As you've mentioned, this is the class that gymnasts undertake to maintain their lean body. I can just imagine how intense this workout is. Even the pictures can tell it. I am pretty sure that if you continue to take the class, you'll lose some significant weight. :)