Friday, October 5, 2012

What is Barre?

Well I am back on the mend and gained back that 10 pounds I lost :-(   It was expected but I am still bummed but not bummed enough to stop eating like a mad woman! Its been junk all week! Cheese curls, wine, chips, wine, chocolate, wine, pasta, wine well you get the point. I dont think I had a decent meal all week lol just junk!

I know the mind game the body plays with weight loss so I expected these ravenous cravings but that doesn't excuse my behavior so its time to reel it in! I got used to seeing less of those number on the scale!

Well in an effort to mix it up I am going to try something new this week! Its called Baree! I was getting results with my workouts and I had a good two weeks of rest and now I want something else. I overheard some of my Junior League members talking about it and low and behold a livingsocial deal came across my email and I put a call out and one person texted me and said let's do it! Sooooo

What is Barre you ask?
Barre. combines Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers endure.

Barre class

So this Monday its on! I went to dinner at the 13.5% Wine Bar  with a friend and mentioned it and she goes too! The place is closer to where I live than the livingsocial deal so if I like it I will take classes there! I'll be sure to report back! She already warned me they are very small but instense movements and she ends the class dripped in sweat so sounds like what I need!!

I am going to Weight Watchers this weekend to check in I should still be a pound or two down from my last visit. Aside from that I have my chapter meeting and possibly a date Saturday night. We'll see.

Sunday is the Junior League 5K and later that afternoon my chapter has a Fundraiser. Monday is a holiday! Thank goodness and I am working on decluttering my basement so I can finally get the tile finished in the basement! All good things!!

I have to add a before and during picture with my friend Dawn who had a pre-Birthday Happy Hour! It was a great time to catch up with my old work friends and boy does that feel like a lifetime ago!

Anyway can you tell a difference!



:-) That makes me smile
Have a great weekend!!



  1. I hear you! I gained 10 pounds that won't go away and playing with the front camera made me see that i have a fat guy neck but BWW and beer goes so good with football!

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