Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

The word hypnosis (according to wikipedia) comes from the Greek word hypnosis which means sleep.

Hypnosis can be defined as:
Look deeply into my watch..You are feeling very sleepy... Yeah...didnt happen!
a special psychological state with certain physiological attributes, resembling sleep only superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.

I mentioned a few entries ago that I opted to try 10 sessions to help with my weight loss efforts and I just completed session three. I liken it to mediating and I like that but I rarely make time for it. Having these sessions gives me dedicated time to do the things I know I should do to get my mind right.

The first session was just a brief introduction and going over the nuts and bolts of what it was to dispel any myths or misconceptions. We did a very brief session and it allowed me to get into a very good state I could hear everything going on and hear her voice but I did have the sensation of slipping away. I didn't like that lol what if she asked me to quack like a duck? LOL
Seriously though it might of just been a power and control thing with me the idea of slipping away, not being in control...

The second session was more intense and I did not feel relaxed at damn all! I was actually annoyed during the session it was more probing that suggestive in nature. I always thought in hypnosis they just put you "under" and tell you what to do and it seeps into your subconscious and you use it as another tool in your arsenal. But she was asking me direct questions about the level of responsibility I feel for my weight gain, how much do I contribute to poor decisions regarding food, etc. I was like WTH I didn't come for an intervention! LOL Before we began we picked fingers to represent yes, no, I don't know, and I don't want to know. I had to spend so much time remembering what finger was what I just couldn't relax. On top of that I think I felt judged like I was supposed to say my weight was my fault! Ok so I know I am the one that controls how much I eat and how much I exercise so yes I contribute to my weight BUT I have to say I am prone to being bigger than the normal 5'1.5'' girl! I guess if I carve out that excuse the Universe will give me all the evidence I need to support that fact so I need to rework my brain around that fact but still I didn't go there for that! After the session she asked me and I told her that's not what I signed up for it was way too much work. So she said the thrid one she will do suggestions. She told me to use an index card and write down reasons to be fit and healthy. I made up a list of 10 things; they were:

1) To feel good 2) Look good 3) Live longer 4) Be healthy 5) Enjoy life more 6) Inspire others 7) Respect myself  8) Wear cuter clothing 9) Be stronger 10) Be committed

She also suggested I write down some alternative behaviors but during the session we discussed the fact that I KNOWWWW all the right things to do... call a friend, go for a walk, take a nap, read a book, journal, etc. I rattled off like 10 things. So I know what to do I just don't do it consistently! So I did something different I found what we call in Weight Watchers an anchor. I found an affirmation to keep me grounded when I feel myself swaying. The one of found said

"I am strong beyond belief, I am powerful beyond measure!"

Session three was more what I expected. She started off with asking how the past week went and I told her I was feeling better (after a stomach virus) and I was really eating poorly and I knew it was stress related. I had a lot of meetings and running around to do and I was just happy I could eat again and I had some work stress. She asked me to pick one situation so we could talk about it. The one I discussed involved this attorney who was getting on my nerves by being unreasonable about a few things. Not huge deals but I have an issue with people thinking that can get over on me. Kid Fury just did a youtube video about Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey and their drama and I was sad to say I was Niki! I am not going to be punked buttt as Kid Fury said you are the one that ends up looking crazy. You gotta fight shade with shade lol

Ahhhh well anyway based on the stress he caused me I went for some chocolate I did not need and honestly did not enjoy. I learned a long diet time ago if you are going to have something make it good. A snickers bar is nothing in comparison to a Godiva anything so get a smaller portion of the good stuff and be done with it...Sorry for the sidebar... Anyway so we talked about fighting shade with shade lol no no we didn't we talked about holding onto images or a time when I felt good/proud/accomplished. After some talking the moment my Property Law professor told me I got the highest grade in her class and I dropped my water bottle in excitement and held my face like the Home Alone kid was it!

I've had a lot of good highlights in my life but this stood out because I worked HARD to do well I would have been happy for a B but to get an A and get the highest A in a 4 credit class in your first year of law school?!? Really it is a feeling I can't properly describe. But it was my moment. So he called today and I held onto that feeling answered his questions and sent him on his way. I did take a few deep breaths but I didn't have that rage or knot in my back that happens when I get upset...progress!

Anyway session three was more of what I expected she made suggestions about choices and reinforced my goals and the ability I have to set goals and achieve them and weight loss and health are no different. She also made me a CD that I used today before I began my work. I popped it in and I really felt more focused and relax afterwards. In fact, I bought a bag of cheese curls yesterday and kept the leftovers in my desk and I poured water in the bag and threw them away. That felt good. Oh that was another thing we discussed the fact that every time I do not give into a craving I increase my strength. So every time I say no, I get stronger and saying no gets easier. Kinda like dating the wrong guy lol

Well speaking of dating nothing much to update haven't found a code name for new guy so I'll just say the New Guy or NG. NG and I didn't make it out last weekend. It may have been a slight miscommunication or he could have been trying to test me and my patience. I gave him a lil bit of attitude but we ended up on the phone until 4am Sunday morning! Mind you I had to be up at 6am for the Junior League race and my chapter had a fundraiser that afternoon as well! Both turned out great! The Afternoon of Jazz was amazing! What a great event! The music, food, people - AWESOME!

So NG and I will try again this weekend which is a beast! Friday the Regional Committee I am on has a meet and greet in DC (I hope to see new guy after that), then Saturday we have an all day sorority conference back in DC again, Sunday another chapter of my sorority is having an anniversary luncheon I am going to. Then next thing I know it will be Monday again!

I told NG I was actually on a dating hiatus when we met and ironically he was too but he said I intrigued him so he didn't want to miss the opportunity to get to know me better. That makes it very low pressure and low risk for me and that's maybe what I need. He does ask some great questions and our conversations are never boring. He has the right mix of humor and seriousness that's hard to find. So I'll keep you posted!

My workouts for the week...are up in the air I did make it to the gym on Tuesday for spinning and a strength training class! It was good stuff! I was hoping to get there tonight before a Junior League meeting but a soror is having  birthday happy hour I want to go to so unless I have some fight left in me after the meeting today looks like no go! Which means no workout until Sunday morning! :-( No bueno! My Life!!! What can I say!

I recorded my weight today and began using a new journal a soror gave me so we will see where I end up on 7 weeks! I would love to lose those 14 pounds I gained since getting better. So I am gonna work!

I'll be back soon! :-)


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