Friday, October 9, 2009


Well I am counting down to 50 pounds loss... Its close actually like 3 pounds away. I have never lost 50 pounds before. I've tried several times but never hit that goal. So this is cool. I got a lot of encouragement at a recent event from friends, colleagues, and associates who have not seen me in sometime. I had a few people say they keep up with the blog and are really impressed by my dedication and they were inspired to get their workout on. All good stuff! Many thanks!!!

I am back to my workouts and I am feeling good. I feel stronger, I am leaner (is that a real word?), and I know exercise has made that possible.

Currently, I am working out 2 times a week with my trainer and another day or 2 in the gym. I typically stay for 2 classes or a class and time on the treadmill. Its working! My size 22s, 24s, 26s, & 28s are gone. A majority of which I donated to The Junior League of Baltimore's Wise Penny ! I am in my size 20s now (as Mo'nique would say) I know yall skinny heffas might not appreciate that but I am happy not staying there but happy to be here!

Monique aint playin!

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