Sunday, October 18, 2009

Every D@mn Day-Just Do It!

Ok my new prize possession (see above) *Paris Hilton voice*
Don't you love it?
Nike has a way with words! Just Do It is a great marketing slogan but
this takes it to the next level!
I hope people don't get offended but even if they do guess what? I like it! And that's what matters since
I paid for it! :-)

Well I hit the big 50. 50 pounds gone....Now onto the next goal of 75 pounds. I went out shopping this weekend and had a great time! In January I did some shopping and it was a very different story. I was not at all happy about it. There's nothing like having to go to the back of a rack to find your clothing size...its like you cross your fingers that there's something there for ya.
I am midway in the rack now lol which feels good. I picked up a few items but one in particular was an AWESOME purchase that would be a size 16....dress for the upcoming Monumental City Bar Gala!
In case you missed it I said a size 16! Its going to go perfectly with my Christian Louboutians! The big reveal will be in early December :-)
In January I was in a 24... Its been a long journey I mean 50 pounds in 9 months in the scheme of thing seems slowwwww to me but I am not getting caught up in that.
I am not a true size 16 but with this designer and style I am and I'll take it! I bought some 18 pants and jeans and even got some size 14 tops. The cool thing is everything fits! None of that "goal" clothing hanging up like a carrot on a stick these are things I am gonna wear this week!

I did a lot of shopping this weekend! Thanks Dad! Life is good!
Some people at work have noticed & that's cool too.
Well the point of the post. I need to push myself to get in a little more exercise. Nothing drastic but EVERY DAMN DAY I want to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise. My job is cool one of the perks is free classes like yoga and pilates and they have even offered the room for us to bring in DVDs to workout on our own. So this should be easy!

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