Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let the Church say AMEN!

I am really excited this Saturday my church Mt. Calvery AME church is sponsoring a 6 mile hike on the NCR Trail. For over a year I have been planning to go on a hike but just have not done it. So when I heard on Sunday the Health & Wellness committee was promoting this activity I was so happy! I have often felt the church should be at the forefront on the obesity epidemic especially in the black church since our community is plagued with high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer all of which are related to being overweight. I am extremely proud of my church and looking forward to the hike on Saturday! The last hike I went on was in January when I went to Sedona, Az with my Mom & Sis and while I finished that hike around Bell Rock I was reallllllly worn out. I am looking forward seeing where I am now fitness wise. I see such a difference in my workouts with my trainer in the few months we've been working out so I am looking forward to it! I will post some pics for sure! If only to show my "before & during pictures!"

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