Saturday, October 31, 2009


I would be remiss in my blogging duty to not discuss food in this process. Some experts say food is 80% of the battle in weight loss. As the experts say weight loss = cutting calories + exercise. The basic math that is always talked about 3,500 calories = 1 pound. Counting calories is daunting so I do Weight Watchers although I have done calorie counting too. Weight Watchers gives you a short cut to the calorie counting; which is helpful. Also the meetings help to keep me focused. Every week there are good topics, you share your weight loss challenges, and triumphs and you get support. Some people don't like to journal or talk in groups but seriously it helps. The journal is a big thing b/c last week I lost 1.4 pounds in 2 weeks and I was upset BUT when I went back over my food journal it revealed lots of eating out, high calorie treats, and empty calories. This week I cut back and lost 3.2 pounds! It makes a difference!
Counting calories is kinda like balancing a checkbook. You have a starting balance (Your BMR) you have withdrawals (the calories you consume) and the deposits you make (Your exercise).
Choices are important when I go out and here are a few tips:
1) I cook my food for the week. I make things like Turkey Chili.
2) Because I am soooo busy I try to find short cuts like pre cut veggies, pre-cooked meat, frozen dinners!
3) I check the online menus before I go to restaurants so I am not hit with sooo many choice. It gives me control. Even if I decide to have a bacon cheese burger at elast I already know the points and can act accordingly.
4) I may eat 1/2 my meal and have an adult beverage or dessert. I am not about depriving myself but I understand there's a cost to pay if I do not do my part.
5) I stick to bakes and broiled things. My faves are baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, salmon, chicken salad, soups, and crab cakes.
6) I do not drink soda more than a few times a year maybe. I stick to low calories fluids like water, Fuze, & reduced calories juice. I sometime do half water half juice to reduce the calories I consume. Water is a must I drink about 50 to 60 oz.
7) I take a multi vitamin ( I try to take it daily)
8) I take my lunch to work almost everyday. Helps to save money and control calories.
9) I sneak veggies in. So when I make chili I will add a bag of frozen mixed vegetables to it and an extra can of diced tomatoes.
10) I eat what I like! Meaning I do not grab a hold of every new trend I try things and if I do not like them I will not force myself to eat them. Case in point- hummus. I know people love it I don't'! Fage greek yogurt- Yuck! Alternatives I do like spinach and artichoke dip so I'll have that or Chonbani greek yogurt is great.
***Bonus- I journal my food and exercise. I used and both are great FREE online communities to get you started. I use the WW on line journal and paper one most often.
I hope this helps. Like I said I would be remiss in my weight loss blogging duties if I did not include some discussion of food. Exercise wise I am really feeling like I am over that hump and food-wise I am getting there as well!

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