Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cravings, boys, & other musings ~ Are You Ready for Change?

WOW! It is already January 4th 2011 really where did the time go? And not so much time but my gym time in particular. I have not worked out (aside from Hot Yoga) since Christmas eve! Now that maybe doesn't sound THAT bad but that is 11 days of no real workout 12 days if I ignore Yoga. Yikes! Speaking of which the Yoga Advisor called me to see how I was and see if I had any questions! That's nice!! I like their schedule it varies a great deal and I said to myself yesterday if I could make 7 pm Junior League meetings surely a 7pm Yoga class was not out of the question! Right?!

Last year I was mighty diligent about my exercise! In fact one night I came home and got right on the treadmill because I was scared I would skip if I dared to go upstairs and change lol Where did that chick go?!

I can't even lie and say I have a plan and it is Day 4 of the new year. I did do a "cleansing detox" yesterday but somehow I had bacon and eggs and a biscuit! Ok 2 biscuits...with butter and grape jelly! Note to self pack all the crap my Mother buys when she comes to visit in HER suitcase so she can take it home with her! I know my limits so I don't buy things like Grands biscuits, real butter, and real bacon! I just don't! But what's done is done.

I saw old, new guy and maybe I looked hungry and he asked what I had to eat and I told him bacon, eggs, "A" *blush* biscuit and some almonds! He asked if I was trying to starve myself...I was thinking no not likely to happen buddy. But I said well it can be effective lol 

Anyhhooo I really been feeling like its a new year and I want to usher in some new habits but I seem to be stuck on some old habits... for example old, new guy he's an old habit, overeating just because its there is yet another old habit, & falling off the wagon at random moments is again another old habit.

I need to make some changes.

As I was working on my Vision Boards I began to read the book The Law of Attraction and I get that there has to be a change or a shift in your mind in terms of what is possible. But getting from where you are to that point is not always a straight shot. Well Oprah being the all knowing, all seeing, wonder woman Oprah had a post today for a quiz entitled Are You Ready For Change. You can click the link to take the quiz. I took it and I must say it is pretty accurate. Here are my results based on the quiz...

Your Self-Awareness:
Although you may feel ready for change, you aren't as mentally prepared as you could be. Perhaps you aren't convinced it's really necessary to change at this point. Or maybe you underestimate the sacrifices that lie ahead. The goal (say, breaking up with a toxic friend) may seem fantastic, but the reality (you'll feel lonely for a while) may tempt you to retreat. It's important to carefully consider your expectations. One useful technique for developing greater self-awareness is "tracking." All you need to do is spend one minute a day jotting down notes about your current frustrations, level of motivation, and any new hopes, doubts, or fears. This exercise forces subconscious feelings to the surface, so you can process them.

*This was a great tip I have been struggling to journal and that is from someone who LOVES to journal. I been doing it since I was a child! I think my oldest journal was from age 10 or so when I was in Boarding School in Jamaica, WI! I am going to take this tip to heart. I already made up my mind to do daily affirmations again. I really got a great benefit from doing them last year so that's an old hait I need to bring back! it may seem silly and remind you of a funny Saturday Night Live skit (lol) but they really work! Here are a few websites I found! You can create your own but this is a good place to get some ideas.

Your Perspective
Fortunately, you have the wonderful ability to keep your efforts in context. Everyone who tries to alter a habit will experience times of doubt, anger, and desperation. But perspective allows you to see past those times to the rewards that will come later.

* I agree I have an overall positive outlook on life and the ability to reach my goals so I am going to ride this feeling out and focus on my long term goals and take steps towards them. And since I am a list person I plan to do that by getting back to my workout routine, adding yoga, mediating, listening to good music, reading good books, and journaling.

Your Strategic Approach
You tackle problems with a thought-out plan—which is great. Studies show that people who use strategies are most successful at behavior change. But as you know, even the best-laid plans can fall apart; be aware that you may need to revise your tactics along the way.

*This is dead on! I am a list monger lol and I do agree flexibility is the key. So I need to be mindful of finding alternatives when I can not make it to the gym or the trainer! I am also working on making better choices. Today was a good food day so far. I had my Chobani pineapple yogurt which was very good (my new fave flavor!), almonds, Maryland crab soup (not the creamy one), a few saltines crackers, 100 calorie popcorn (instead of the buttery madness from the cafe!), and 2 mini chocolates. I have 14 points left and I have had about half my water intake for the day. All good things! Also my job is starting the exercise classes again and I am signing up for the yoga and zumba classes this month. they are free and I recall last year these classes helped to get me where I needed to be energy wise to get back to the gym in the evenings and for the days I wasn't feeling it I already got something in already! So moving ahead we go!

Have a good one!


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