Thursday, January 27, 2011

Progress not Perfection!

Cabin feverrrrrr!!! Well I have been house bound for a minute now! Over the weekend I got very sick I thought it was the flu but I took some over the counter meds and I am ok. Then we got a mountian of snow so I was home yesterday and today.

I am actually down like 8 pounds lol I have been sick and not very hungry but I was feeling better today and my sister ordered Pizza Hut. I had to pause and pat myself of the back because I had 1 1/2 slices and that was a wrap. I can think back to a few years ago and being stuck in the house would mean an all day eating marathon! Instead I cleaned out my bedroom closet and I feel so good about that! Progress not perfection. That's a hard lesson for me since I am pretty Type A about everything in life. So was Pizza Hut the best choice when I had shrimp in the freezer? No it wasn't but am I gonna beat myself up? No!

My sister plans to get back on her A game so we will hopefully not have too many indulgences in the near future.

I am back to the Trainer on Saturday and I hope the weather behaves! Hope you are all doing well!


  1. Good lesson for us type As. I actually did some Wii fit on snow day number 1 and treadmill on day 2. I even shoveled and took a walk in the snow. Should have done more, but better than my old pattern.

  2. Hey that sounds like a wholeeeee lot!!! That's excellent!!!