Monday, January 31, 2011

Thick like waffle batter!

Ok so I have a new idea for a TV show it will be called "Men Say the Darnest Things" instead of Kids! Bachelor #1 told me sincerely "You are thick like waffle batter!" I KNOW he meant it as a compliment lol buttttt it inspired me to stay on my workout track lol Ahhh men! What can ya do?!  It just made me think as women we pick ourselves apart and are always trying to lose weight or drop a size but really men like what they like lol now all men may not like the same things but shout out to the men who do! Nothing like a lil ego boost! But I still have my goals so off to the gym I went! My friend and I often talk about the true motives behind weight loss ie., health vs. vanity. I think its a fair dose of each in my case.

Speaking of which I found a new doctor and went to see her today and boy was she fast in and out in 30 minutes! It was amazing and refreshing! Anyway my blood pressure was 110/80 the nurse made a special note that my pressure was very good. That was good news since its been a little over one year since I have been off my blood pressure medication. No wink from across the room can trump that in my book! :-) Well maybe it depends on who is winking lol I was another half pound down in the new Doc's office! Nice!

So I did the Chizel It aerobics class its a combination of kickboxing, step aerobics, and weight lifting; yea all in one! I took my sister with me and she was not pleased at all! LOL She almost up-chucked! So good times! I ended up walking us through a personal training session since my trainer was not available and I did good! I think Charles would be proud!  You know what? I will eventually get certified as a personal trainer! I am fully aware I will never be in my proper height weight/BMI category. For the record that would be between 100-130 pounds. Not gonna happen and I am good with that. I swear I look at people that size and wonder where are their internal organs? Like we have FEETs (lol) of colon and stuff where does that go in a size double 0 exactly?! I dunno but healthy and happy that's a goal.

What's your BMI goal?

In other news...My friend had a game night and another friend said to me in a backhanded compliment (lol) said  "I am proud that you stuck with your weight loss...I didn't think you'd be able to do it....I am really proud of you..."  I simply replied "Well weight loss was really the last goal I had on my "list" and since I have done everything (on my timeline to date- yeah I got a timeline) I ever wanted to do up until that moment... it was time. But (s)thanks" Another friend over heard only part of the comment and asked me to repeat it. And I said deadpan "Well she said she was proud that I stuck with my weight loss journey because for SOME REASON *insert Kanye West shrug here* she *head tilt* thought I couldn't do it but she's proud." My other friend didn't touch it and just said "Oh."

Now was I offended? Yeah kinda sorta and I aint gonna pull my IQ and resume out BUT  I mean Come on son who says that? But I think my weight loss success gives me  peace of mind and I think that is one important lesson to learn on the journey- you have to build your own self image and not rely on outside compliments like being compared to waffle batter (lol) or doubters who you proved wrong to their surprise. You just cant internalize that outside clutter; you just have to keep pressin towards the mark!

Well bracing for a icy day tomorrow! *Fingers crossed* for my commute its a bad week for workouts so I am glad I got some good ones in. I'll check back! Stay safe! :-)

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