Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yoga Bliss

Whew its been a blah week! My mood hasn't been the best and I been trying to get back into exercise and eating right but its been a challenge. I was feeling particularly blue I guess yesterday and it came to me to go do yoga. Granted that was after a bunch of unnecessary calories on Tuesday and a random lemon pound cake yesterday but I pushed my way through to the Hot Yoga class and got there just in time. The traffic sucked! It too 3 hour to get from work to the Yoga Studio! But I told myself I know the devil is busy Imma ignore him and keep on pushing. The class was great, it was taught by Chris Leicht she was great! And flexible! LOL She was very hands on and helped the class with posture and the proper placement of our poses. At the end she sprayed some lavender mist or something on each of us. It was a great way to end the class. This was a more advanced class so it was a challenge but I still enjoyed it. Also it seemed a little hotter than the last class lol and these folks go hard because the teacher asked if it was too hot and no one spoke up so the heater stayed on. When it was over I felt 110% better. It was amazing. Yoga bliss is the real deal!

In researching there is a lot of evidence that Yoga is good for the mind and the body! Here are a few:

Yoga for Relieving Depression

Yoga for anxiety and depression (Harvard Health)

Yoga: Tap into the many health benefits (Mayo Clinic)

Now this is not to discount or suggest if you have been experiencing feelings of depression for an extended period of time that you should only turn to yoga & exercise of course see you Doctor if other things have not helped and you still feel badly! No shame in that!

I have a Bar Association meeting tonight at 6 pm and they are gonna get 1.5 hours then I am leaving to go to Hot Yoga again tonight. It begins at 8pm I am mad I can't do the 6pm class again but duty calls. Its about balance and while I could skip it I will go and help out and be disciplined enough to elave and do something good for me because I am still feeling a lil something today nothing like yesterday but something is lingering.

Self care 2011! Best Life Ever!

I'll check back in soon!

1/7/2011- Had a mental health day and made it back to the Friday morning class of Bikram/Hot Yoga with the teacher Steve. It was more difficult today but excellent! I am feeling soooo good my mood has just turned upside down. WOW Wonderful wonderful addititon to my 2011!

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