Friday, January 21, 2011


Hi there! How have you all been? Good I hope! I've had several great posts in mind but no time in which to write them out! lol How frustrating! Well quick recaps! I am up 4.4 pounds according to my last Weight Watchers weigh in. I know right? I haven't been to a meeting in 4 weeks so 1 pound a week? Ehhh I'll take it! I was still doing the hot yoga and back with my trainer twice a week. I, for some reason, can't get a handle on the food though so I am going to ride it out. Everyone has a vice but I am not beating myself up just got to get back into a weight loss groove. As long as my workouts are strong I can usually get my eating under control so it'll all work out!

I did have a quick out of town trip for work I packed with good intentions but didn't make it to the gym at all. The other thing is the trip came at the start of my 21 Day Yoga challenge. So that sucks that I didn't get to do that! Yoga is amazing I am really excited to do my own 21 or 30 challenge.

Pep talk with the Iron Moms~ Aspiring 2011 Iron Girls

On January 15th Alpha Kappa Alpha's Founders' Day I went to speak to a group of women who I found out were inspired to do the 2011 Iron Girl based on my story! How humbling is that? And kinda cool! The group is called "Iron Moms" and they meet every Saturday to workout and support each other on their journey to Iron Girl 2011! I had a great time!

He ain't heavy, he's my Trainer :-)

I talked to the group about everything from selecting a bike to how to navigate transitions. So I spent my Founders day being of service to all mankind in an important way :-)  My main message was that doing a triathlon is all mental. I explained once I made up my mind to do it there was no turning back. They would like me to come back again and I look forward to it!

On Founders' Day sorority members usually re-dedicate themselves to the sorority and its principles so I kinda felt like that was also a day to re-dedicate myself to my workouts so after the speaking engagement  I had 1 hour of personal training then 30 mins of Step, then 1 hour of Body Combat! And after all that I had a sorority meeting (in which I was elected to a Board of Director's position for the Foundation! Yeahhh me!) and then I headed out to a Skee-Phi Mixer to watch the Ravens vs. Steelers game!

Let me just say (despite the fact that the Giants are out) I had a BLAST! I knew most of the Sorors there and it was good to see them but the men were new to me and boyyyyyyyyyyyy did they know how to make a lady feel welcomed!!!!!! LOL Nothing wrong with some ego stroking on a Saturday evening that's for sure! Imma blame it on the Apple Bottom jeans ;-)

Skee Phi Mixer

Happy 103rd AKA!

What else?! I am journaling and reading a lot. I bought the paperback version of the Soulmate Secret! That book is so awesome. I am back to the drawing board and having lots of fun creating my treasure map & soulmate wish list! I have met a number of men and its been loads of fun. Nothing heavy but some good ole fashion flirting, fun, and good conversation just what I need! 

Well it Friday and I don't know where the week went but I am in an attitude of gratitude and back to using my journal to take a few minutes a day to write down what I am thankful for and it makes a world of difference. I am so fortunate and life is sooo good! 2011 is off to a fantastic start!!! I hope your's is too!!


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