Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Man I swear as fun as it looks!"

Ohhh what a weekend and its only Saturday! Well have I talked about my crush on the rapper Drake? Ok does that date me that I feel the need to explain who he is? lol Well this brings me to the weekend's festivities and a mixer I co-hostessed last night with a fraternity friend. It was fun... pics to follow below! It was at The Field House  in Baltimore in fact its Ray Lewis's old restaurant! The vibe was great & tons of people showed up! Some old friends came and I met some new ones too! It was an open bar and I limited myself to 1 drink and honestly I didn't drink the entire thing! Liquid calories are a no no right about now but when in Rome. Anyway Drake is a cutie pie!

Well ironically I like 20 something year old Drake but can't seem to overcome real life discrimination against real life 20 somethings lol God to be under 30 again! Oh well everyone kept telling me I was making too big a deal of age but let me just say anyone born in the 80s is off limits...cute...but off limits lol

Well the party/Mixer went from 10pm until 2am and I enjoyed every minute BUT I was going to get up and go to the gym no matter what because my jeans were tighttttttt! Funny enough a few people mentioned my blog to me (*waving*) and how much its helped them or inspired them along their journey! That was good to hear because the support and encouragement keeps me going too! So in my quest for balance and seeking my goal I gotta work hard and play hard so off to the gym I went.

I woke up after 7am so I skipped Weight Watchers but made my way to the gym and took Dwayne's Brickhouse Cardio class which is a combo of high impact cardio with weights. I did another 15 minutes or so of the elliptical and I did my own 40 minute personal training session with weights since Charles is on leave. Again it showed me how much he helps and how much I have learned. I don't think I ever imagined a day where I could create my own 40 minute weight training workout! Progress! Yeah! I really have not exercised since Monday because its been one of those weeks but its all good I saw Alvin Ailey at the Kennedy Center and what a moving performance as always! The talent, the bodies, the vision! I loved every minute of it! I always say I can't sing, dance, or draw the law is all I got so i really respect and admire any kind of artist!

Anyway I thought of Drake because of the line in the song & the title of this post because I really gotta say my life is as fun as it looks! I am really grateful to have such a fun & full life! Its not always a bed of roses but I can say I am in a good place and even though I am working hard to work off these 50...scratch that NOW 40 extra pounds its a good time and 2011 is looking very promising.

Speaking of which I am going to see Bachelor #1 tomorrow! A Superbowl event wasn't my idea but in this go with the flow Imma let him decide what we will do idea that's where we find ourselves maybe we'll do rock climbing some other time lol poor thing he isn't a mind reader. He said he was looking forward to seeing me again and the feeling is mutual.

Anyway got my hair done so no workout tomorrow or Monday. It'll be slow week gotta keep the food part tight! I'll check back in soon! Thanks Gang!!

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