Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.
Henry Ford

Well I got the most interesting and timely email the other day... A friend from high school emailed me about joining Weight Watchers and she did and her first week she gained two pounds she was upset & confused (understandably so). We talked back and forth about workouts and retaining water and yadda yadda yadda then I asked if she was tracking (WW speak for keeping a food journal) and she said no. Well I said there you go! My sister is in the same boat. She has been working out hard and this week 0 pounds lost. She is tracking somewhat... it made me think about where I am and my ups & downs and part of it is I am not good with food. Never have been... I can sadly admit I have not journaled in weeks. And my diet shows it. Yesterday I had popcorn and Chickflia (chicken strips and a cookies &cream milk shake to be exact!)

What the heck is that right?! To be honest I haven't really thought too hard about it and that's part of the problem.  Instead I am refocused on my workouts. And what a workout return it has been!! I posted pics from Saturday in the last post. I went back Monday (President's Day) and did my trainer's Chizel-It Class which is a combination of step, kickboxing, weigths & high impact aerobics! I walked in and there and he told us we would be using TWO steps! I was confused but I could tell Charles was up to no good! It was a high intensity class and I really got a good workout. At the end of class he mentioned my feature in the magazine.People were really sweet and supportive. Several asked me about the Iron Girl and it got some more folks thinking about making that leap! Good stuff! Love my Chizel-it Family!

I went back that evening for Zumba. Which was just ok the teacher is a former student and in class she was sooo high energy but I dunno as a teacher....well she apologized and said her mind wasn't right but I got to sweat so I can't complain but so much. I deabted staying for Dwayne's Brickhouse cardio but opted to get a manicure and go home instead :-)

Yup pink & green that's how I do! If its gonna hurt might as well have something pretty to look at!

Snapped a pic during my water break!

Anyway my post is about breaking goals into small pieces. I am going day by day to get my workouts in at this point. I remember last year I was so "NIKE - JUST DO IT"  with my workouts but this past year has been a challenge. My goal this week was to get in 6 hours. My original goal workouts had to be adjusted but I think I've done well. I hit the gym with my sister on Tuesday did 20 minutes on this new machine called the Arc (see below)

I read about it on this website Intro to Cardio Machines here's what they had to say:

The arc trainer is another non-impact cardio machine.  They are the newest type of cardio machine in your local gym and are probably most popular. You step on two platforms and basically swing your legs back and forth in a similar fashion to the gazelle freestyle which has been a top selling home workout machine for years.
The adjustable resistance as well as the speed which you choose to swing your legs back and forth in the scissor-like motion adjusts the intensity of your cardio workout.
Exercise Tips: Non-impact machines are the best cardio machines for people with chronic joint problems.  The arc trainer can get your heart rate up effectively without putting too much stress on your legs.
Don’t let the non-impact style cardio machine sabotage your results though.  Make sure you work hard and keep your heart rate up higher than your target zone.  If you are free of joint problems, make sure you use forms of impact exercise such as jogging to keep your bones strong and your bone mass at optimal levels.

It was  a good workout. Allegedly it burns more than the elliptical. It was a lil awkward to use in my opinion but I did about 25 minutes then hit the weights.  Wednesday I planned to go to the gym but had to stop by an older Soror's house for some pictures since I am working on the chapter's Awards books. She pledged Spring 1954 she told me she will be 75 this year! WOW! Anyway we just got to talking about sorority life, our new mentoring program, art work, and just life and before I knew it it was almost 7pm lol its all good though. I love our Golden Sorors! Ironically she just got back from the gym and she was so proud of herself! If I can look like her at 45 I'd be happy but just goes to show working out is for every age and its a lifestyle!

I have a meeting tonight that I thought was at 6pm but its a 7pm so that kills my workout plans for the most part. But checking in I am not "behind" I already did 3 hours and I have 3 more to go for this week's goal:

Monday- 1 Hour PT + 1 hour Zumba (check)
Tuesday- 20 minutes + 40 minutes weights (check)
Wednesday- O
Thursday- TBA
Friday- 0
Saturday- PT, Chizel It & maybe Zumba

That will give me 6 hours. Six sounded like a big "come back" goal but taking it 1 hour at a time worked for me! I need to check in at WW this week and will check back!

Thanks yall!!

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