Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food & Fellowship

So Superbowl Super has come and gone! I am not one of those jump on the bandwagon type of girls I am a Giants fan so see you next season!

Butttt I had a good time anyhow :-) But lawd I am Skee Phi'ed out! I mentioned I co-hosted an event called the Ice & Ivy Mixer on Friday with an Alpha. Then Sunday was a Superbowl party hosted by some other Alphas. Bachelor #1 invited me to go and it was cool met some new Sorors and new Alphas and saw some old ones I know and love. Good times! Now the men cooked. Who can complain about that right? There was pasta, chicken, seafood salad, etc., etc. and so on. I ate before hand because not eating at the party was my own personal goal. Side bar how many of you watch the show Men of A Certain Age? I love that show and one character does that with his golf score he bets himself so he plays better. Granted its just between him and God (or as his employee said do you really think God cares about your golf score) but that's not the point! So that was my bet to myself no food at the Superbowl party because Superbowl parties are notorious for food and weight gain.  Weight Watchers had a article and all over facebook other health conscious pages kept popping up with advice but most of it was to minimize the damage. Well yall know I am back on my grind and at last check I was 25 pounds away. So I just wasn't having any of it!

The funny thing is my non eating went extremely noticed. First off my jeans were tight I kept misplacing my phone and one of the guys said "Well check your pockets!" I looked at him and said "Do you think anything else can fit in these pockets?!" lol I could have opted for the bigger size but that's a trick to keep me on track. I did have a glass of wine and called it a day. My point... at least 5 people asked me about eating or rather not eating! Finally one guy said "Oh you trying to trim down some?" I said "Yeah..." He said cool and kept it moving. LOL All I could think was "My man!" lol I love how simple men are! No muss no fuss! Another side bar I am loving how my already ultra active social life has expanded by now being a Baltimore area Greek! The Alphas are cool! From the Over 50 year olds to the "Drakes" a.k.a. the young and tenders in college (that are off limits...lol )Its been fun getting to know some new peeps!!

I didn't make it to the gym Monday for no other reason than I was out late and I was a lil tired. I figured Charles awas still taking personal time so I didn't bother him. But again it lets me see how important a perosnal trainer is! Our appointment is the reaosn I get in at least 2 good workouts a week so without them its anyone guess.

This is a crazy busy week for me too. Today I have a class, Wednesday another class then an AKA meeting, Thursday Baltimore magazine is hosting this singles event my friend talked me into going to. LOL I had to never to invite some men I like too! LOL I hope I dont leave mad at myself lol 

Friday I think I need to rest and I have chapter meeting Saturday and I have a mentee from the Maryland State Bar I have to meet up with soon for lunch! Whew! Yup I know! Hopefully I can hit the gym on Monday and maybe even get in Saturday afternoon. We'll see. Anyhoo that's the happs I'll check in soon!

Skee Phi love @ Superbowl Party!

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